Have a happy holiday with Easter craft ideas for kids (and Moms)

by Kremy

Easter craft ideas for kids and moms easter greeting cards paper cuts

Spring crafts are a huge fun for children and not only. They can be fun for Moms too. You do not need expensive materials to organize the Easter activities for your children and their friends. With a bit of creativity the holiday will be a time full of laughter. Check out these Easter craft ideas for kids and find your inspiration below.

Easter holiday decoration ideas DIY gum ball topiary


It will not come as a surprise that children love sweets and treats. With a little help from you they will be able to make a gumdrop topiary and imagine how proud your kids will be when you place their topiary as a centerpiece on your table! You only need one or two styrofoam balls, a small flower pot, a round wood rod, toothpicks and an assortment of candy – gumdrops or lemon drops or any other which your children love. Push the rod into the styrofoam ball and use a hot glue gun, if necessary, to secure the spot where they meet. Break the toothpicks and insert the pointed end into the gumdrop. Push the gumdrop into the round styrofoam and repeat until the ball is covered. For the base you may use an apple. Place it in the pot and decorate with more candy or river rocks – anything you wish. And this is not all, we have some more Easter craft ideas for kids!

crafts ideas for kids egg decoration greeting cards

Ask the little ones to help with the decoration – a wreath is so much fun to make. Table card holders, Easter greeting cards, baskets for sweets, Spring themed mantel garlands, Ester art projects with buttons – these are just a few Easter crafts for kids. In every craft store you will find an assortment of colorful paper, ribbons, beads, and even old buttons will be handy. Do not forget that egg cartons can turn into colorful mini-baskets and a personal present for each of your guests. One of the easiest Easter crafts ideas for kids is to get a pack of orange paper napkins and wrap them as carrots. Look at the gallery and have fun!

creative craft ideas for kids felt flower buttons holiday decocarion

DIYtable centerpiece gumdrop topiary craft

DYI decoration ideas crafts ideas for kids rainbow wreath

Easter table decorating ideas orange napkins carrots

DYI decoration ideasr activity for kids felt carrot garland

crafts for kids pink colored egg greeting card with buttons

DIY holiday decoration fun kids crafts wreath

DYI decoration ideascraft ideas for kids egg banner simple materials

DYI activity egg garland

DIY jelly bean topiary Ester home decorating ideas

diy easy treat bags candy carrot paper gifts

colorful paper flowers DIY Spring crafts

egg decorating craft activities

Easy craft ideas for kids how to make bunny ear bags

paper egg holders

Bunny banner mantel decoration

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