8 Great Ideas for Fall Garden Dеcor With Hay Bales!

by Radost P.

How to transform your garden throughout the fall season with hay bales decor? Which are the best DIY and affordable ideas?

Here Are The Best Ideas for Outdoor Fall Decor With Hay Bales!

fall porch decor with hay bales

Are you looking for ways to improve your garden decor, without breaking the bank? Fortunately, you can use some low-cost items that can completely change the atmosphere in your backyard!

Hay Bale Seating

hay bale seatings for garden


If there are upcoming grandiose events this season, and you are planning to invite friends to your garden, you could use hay bales instead of adding more chairs or a sofa. In this way, you simultaneously improve the decor and ensure that there will be a seat for everyone.

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Gardening Idea

plant a garden with hay bales

In case the space in your garden is not spacious enough or the soil in your area is poor, you can plant a garden, using hay bales. Even if you are a beginner in the sphere of gardening, this method is easy and affordable for almost everyone.

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Hay Bales & Pumpkins Decoration

hay bales and pumpkins decor

For a full decor change, you could also add pumpkins, your favorite flowers, and a small lantern. You will certainly emphasize the fall season vibes and your guests will notice the transformation of your garden.

A Place for Raising Chickens

a place for raising chickens hay bales

Hay bales provide a comfortable and warm home for the feathered animals, and this is exactly what chickens need. Hay bales can be used as small rooms or walls in a bigger designated space for the chickens.

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Fall Decor Using Hay Bales – a Planter

planter from hay bales

Another option is to use a hay bale as a container for several flowers. Make sure that there is enough space for the plants, though. You could either add directly soil to the straw bale or put a small planter inside.

A Maze for Funny Activities

straw bale maze in garden

You may also create an entertaining maze for small kids to play with. Just use big hay bales and protect them to the ground, using stakes. In this way, you ensure the safety of children, in case someone falls.

Colorful Scarecrow

straw bale scarecrow

This is both practical and interesting suggestion – for a traditional kind of decor, you could make a hay bale stuffed scarecrow that works perfectly for every patio or garden, especially in the fall! So, have fun and do not worry about the final look so much.

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