Farmhouse sink – classic designs for modern kitchens

by Kremy


Farmhouse double stainless steel kitchen sink contemporary kitchen design

The farmhouse sink is, probably, one of the most authentic elements that distinguish the style of country kitchen. An apron sink is massive, with a deep shell and will stand out in the kitchen. Sometimes the front apron is textured, or decorated with ornaments. Many people think that this kind of sink is typical for farmhouses, country houses or cottages, but they are wrong. We have collected some ideas to show you how this classic design will look in contemporary interiors.

traditional kitchen design white farmhouse kitchen sink


The main feature of farmhouse kitchen sinks is their size and depth. Compared to modern designs, they look very large and sturdy. As we said above, the farmhouse sink design is traditional and is meant for households with a lot of dishes to wash every day. Home cooks would appreciate the model as they know how difficult it is to wash a large frying pan or a pot in a modern kitchen sink. In terms of design, there is no doubt that an apron sink is an immediate the focal point of the kitchen which makes it not only functional but an aesthetic item.

ornate farmhouse sink green kitchen bathroom sink ideas

If you have decided to get a farmhouse style sink for your kitchen, there are several things you need to consider beforehand. You need to think of the size and the depth of the sink as nowadays sinks come in various sizes and depths. Measure your kitchen cabinetry and the available space carefully before buying. It is advisable to have a project or a design for your kitchen which defines the color of your sink as farmhouse sinks come in a variety of colors and finishes – traditional white, black, blue, copper, stainless steel. Mounting and installation are quite particular, so you need to consult with a professional before buying one.

white farmhouse sink kitchen sinks ideas

traditional kitchen sinks copper farmhouse kitchen sink

modern kitchen large farmhouse kitchen sink

modern kitchen design white farmhouse kitchen sink

modern kitchen design sink stainless steel

kitchen sinks ideas deep apron sink yellow cabinets kitchen island

kitchen design ideas double farmhouse sinks contemporary kitchen

kitchen decoration white ceramic farmhouse kitchen sink

kitchen accessories ornate farmhouse kitchen sink white

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farmhouse design for traditional or contemporary kitchens

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Farmhouse kitchen sink old farmhouse

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contemporary kitchen design farmhouse sink stainless steel

concrete farmhouse sink chrome faucet tile backsplash

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