Frozen Christmas decorations – ideas for the best kids party decor

by Kremy

frozen christmas decorations kids party theme ideas

One of the best Disney movies and one of the most popular ones for the last couple of years is undoubtedly “Frozen”. An instant hit for millions of children (and parents) the theme became one of the most desired for birthday parties. We will give you some ideas for Frozen Christmas decorations which are the perfect decor not only for a birthday party but for the kids Christmas party.

frozen christmas decorations home decor ideas blue white colors


If you are planning a party for your child, Frozen Christmas decorations will come especially useful and the images below will inspire you to organize a very special party. It is definitely a very cool theme and very beautiful for decoration because the story of Elsa and Anna is all illustrated in the snow. The color palette is easy as white and blue are the basic colors, as well as a lot of glitter. White and blue fabric, balloons, pom-poms, xmas mesh wreaths, cute garlands strung on a piece of cotton thread – all of these elements will create the magic kingdom and the snowy decor. You can decorate the front door with a beautiful Frozen themed Christmas wreath and the little guests will be welcomed from the threshold. Complement the fantastic atmosphere with snowflakes in blue and silver hanging from the ceiling.

Frozen party for kids table decoration ideas

Frozen Christmas decoration ideas extend to table setting and table decorations which can be either bought from a store or crafted at home. Prepare blue and white dishes, tablecloths and napkins, napkin holders and spread white and blue beads on the table. Do not forget that food is also a part of the decor and if you want a memorable Frozen Christmas party, decorate the buffet table with snowmen, snowflakes, tiered stands, bottles of juice and glittering crystals. Cupcakes with pictures of Frozen characters – Elsa, Anna, Olaf, homemade lollipops, gingerbread cookies, white candy in transparent vases, blue jelly, snowflake shaped cookies – these fantastic treats will make sure that the children will have a fabulous Christmas party.

 frozen christmas wreath

ideas kids party

DIY home decor ideas blue white

DIY blue white colors glass jar

Frozen sweets buffet table decorations party for kids

Frozen christmas party ideas party favors soaps

table decoration blue white

table decoration ideas blue white

kids party theme frozen party

kids party decor frozen theme

frozen party decor ideas kids party

DIY frozen home decor snowflake garlands

DIY frozen ornaments silver glitter

DIY frozen ornaments kids

DIY ornaments home decor

frozen theme pop cakes blue white party for kids

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