Cheerful kids room Christmas decoration ideas to make children happy

by Kremy

kids room Christmas decor ideas child decorating tree

Kids room Christmas decoration ideas are super fun and with a little bit of creativity you can make your children really happy. Decorating a nursery for Christmas is a fascinating and at the same time very responsible task. The joy of the children is sincere and the little ones wait for the magical holiday most eagerly. We want to show you some bright and attractive ideas that will help turn an ordinary room into a magical one.

Kids room Christmas decoration ideas and general tips and advice

how to decorate a baby room for Christmas


Kids room Christmas decoration ideas come in a variety of styles and color schemes. Children are not really thrilled about a particular style so it is up to parents to decide whether the decor will be in traditional winter colors like green, red, blue, white or in pastel pink or purple. Of course, age and sex matter, because if you decorate a boy’s bedroom you will not choose pink, right?

super cool kids room Christmas decoration ideas wall tree marquee letters

To decorate a child’s room for Christmas you can choose any style. The main thing is to be festive, beautiful and safe. Safety is a prime concern, especially in nursery rooms and bedrooms of toddlers. Make sure the decorations are at such a height that the child could not get them. For nursery and baby room decorations, avoid glass ornaments. Plastic, fabric, wood – these are the materials that you should select. The decoration should not consist of small parts because little children may put them in their mouth. Check if string lights are working properly and think of replacing them with paper alternatives.

Creative Christmas decoration ideas for kids bedrooms

Christmas decorating ideas kids bedrooms nursery rooms

It is understandable that in the pre-holiday hurry many parents have no time to get their fantasy working. That is why we offer a choice of several Creative Christmas decoration ideas for kids bedrooms.

Christmas tree in the kids bedroom- yes or no?

Christmas tree in childrens rooms festive decor ideas

Usually a Christmas tree is placed in the main room of the house – the living room. Whether it is worth placing a tree in the nursery or not is a decision that parents need to take for themselves. If you decide that you will place one consider the safety of the child. Make sure you use kids’ friendly materials – paper, felt or knitted ornaments, plastic and other unbreakable materials. You can opt for an artificial tree or any other alternative DIY Christmas tree. The most important is that gifts appear under the tree on Christmas morning.

Decorate the walls

kids bedroom decor ideas Christmas tree wall decorations

Walls are the perfect place for seasonal themed decor. Surely, there is enough free space where you and your child will be able to apply a Christmas themed wall decal. You can make a felt Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments and garlands. Use decorative techniques and materials that can be easily removed at the end of the holidays without harming the surfaces.

Decorate the windows

Christmas window decor ideas LED lights stars and lantern

Window painting is a great idea and children love it. With the help of special paints and stencils you can decorate the glass with winter and Christmas themed drawings for the holidays. You can cut out silhouettes or simply arrange wooden and plastic toys, pine cones, garlands, etc. as a festive composition.

Christmas bedding set

Christmas bedding sets for kids festve decor ideas

Children will surely be delighted with colorful bedding with Christmas characters. If you are designing a room for an older child, it is enough to choose textiles with an unobtrusive winter themed pattern – stars, snowflakes, ornaments with deer, etc. The market offers a wide variety of color options and prints.

DIY Christmas decorations and kids crafts

DIY Christmas compositions festive home decor ideas

Homemade Christmas ornaments are fun. There are numerous ideas and tutorial for kids’ crafts and children would love to make their own decoration. Various figures can be made of felt or cardboard – simple multi-colored circles, hearts, stars, snowflakes, snowmen, etc. DIY compositions from natural materials are another option. Go with your child to the winter forest. Collect cones, spruce branches, berries and viburnum. Arrange them in containers, add garlands and place them on a table or on the window sill.

Edible Christmas decorations for the kids’ room

DIY edible Christmas garlands popcorn kids activities

Bake gingerbread cookies. They are not only a delicious Christmas treat but can be used as ornaments for the tree. Popcorn, pretzels, candies can be made into fantastic edible Christmas decoration as well.


Christmas decorating ideas for baby rooms wooden snowmen with toys

kids christmas room decorations house beds wreaths wall decor

gray bedroom Christmas decor ideas string lights stars stockings

DIY gingerbread cookie Christmas tree ornaments

DIY christmas decoration ideas for kids rooms mitten garland

Christmas kids bedroom ideas tree stockings santa hat

christmas decor in kids room circus themed interior design

Christmas decorating ideas kids room bed sheets tree lights

Cheerful kids room Christmas decoration ideas tree and garlands


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