How to get rid of under eye bags? Find the most helpful home remedies and treatments to help you out!

by Gabby

Most probably all of us, ladies, have a very busy every day life. Whether, we are in a rush to go to work, or cleaning our houses, or running errands, life can be very stressful at times. As you may know, stress is our health’s enemy. It does not only affect our health, but our appearance as well. With that being said, if there are bags under your eyes that start to show, we have to do something immediately. How to get rid of under-eye bags? Is there any home remedy that can help? What diet you should start adapting? Let’s find out more today!

What can cause under-eye bags?

how to get rid of under eye bags home remedies treatment diet healthy lifestyle medication

You wake up one day, go to wash your face and continue with your daily routine, and you see you have bags under the eyes! This happens to a lot of women, and most of the time it is very sudden. What is the cause? There are several reasons that can make the under-eye bags show up. The most common cause is aging, since the tissue surrounding your eyes gets weaker. Other reasons can be eating a lot of salty foods, allergies, medical conditions, or genetics. One of the good news is that they will not be a problem for your vision, or your health. However, we are going to learn today, how to get rid of them!

How to get rid of under-eye bags?

how to get rid of under eye bags puffy dark circles home remedies treatment beauty ideas natural


If you are going to start the journey to get rid of the puffiness around your eyes, it is really important to know the cause. Once you know it, you can choose the best method that will suit your needs. As we already know the causes can be various. However, you can start with some simple home remedies. If that does not help, it is best to go see your doctor. Let’s find out some of the easiest DIY beauty treatment!

Cold cucumber compress

get rid of puffy eyes dark circle unfer eye bags cold compress cucumber tea bags home remedies beauty treatment

According to many scientists, cucumber juice can reduce swelling and stimulate production of antioxidants. A lot of cosmetics brands are using cucumber juice in their creams. It is proven that it can really give your skin this fresh and healthy look. As we all know, cucumbers are mostly water, so they are great for also moisturizing your skin. Applying slices on your eyes can really reduce puffiness and under-eye bags. How to use them? Clean your skin first and pad dry. Take a cucumber from the fridge and cut it into slices. Put the slices on your eyes for about 15 minutes, while you are laying down.

Tea bags for your under eyes

tea bags for under eye dark circles home remedy beauty treatment healthy lifestyle DIY natural puffy eyes

Tea has many healing properties, and it is very beneficial for your health. What you need to know is that the herbs inside these little tiny bags, can be amazing for your skin. Applying tea bags as a face mask can help you improve your under-eye area. Especially the green tea is used for dark circles and can decrease the puffiness on your eyes. It is anti-inflammatory and will have a calming effect on your eyes. How to make the tea bags compress? Sweep two or four tea bags as you would normally. Once red, put the tea bags in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Squeeze out the liquid from them and place them over your eyes. Leave them for 30 minutes, or less if you don’t have the time.

Jade roller face massage

jade roller face massage puffy eyes helpful advice beauty treatmnet daily routine skin care

Facial massages are essential when it comes to improving your face blood circulation. The jade roller is used by many women today for decreasing puffiness in your face, and smoothing out the skin. I recommend putting it in the fridge overnight and do your massage in the morning. It is important to know not to use a lot of pressure. The cold stone going around your face will really give you this soothing effect. This tool is also known to help your skin absorb creams and serums easily. There are different type of stones that you can choose from. My personal favorite that has many amazing benefits on the skin is the rose quartz.

Beauty essentials to help you get rid of under-eye bags

retinol lighting products under eyes bags how to get rid of them remove make up before bed

Your beauty is also very important when it comes to having healthy skin and no under-eye bags. First tip that I can give you, never go to bed with your makeup on. Try finding the right products to remove it and make it as your nighttime routine. Adding retinol serum or a cream can also help you remove puffiness, since it can improve collagen deficiency. When it comes to your makeup, I would recommend using lightening products. The most important anyone can do for their skin is to wear sunscreen every day. This can prevent premature aging, and as I already mention aging is the main reason for under-eye bags. Staying hydrated and having a healthy diet would also do a lot for your skin health. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and foods that contain a lot of salt. After all, if there is no difference, it is best to go see a doctor and take the needed medication.

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