The 10 Hair Color Trends 2024 You Will Be Seeing Everywhere

by Kristiyana

What is the color prediction for 2024 when it comes to hair? Which will be the trending hair colors throughout the year? 

the hair color trends 2024

New year, new me, or whatever 2010s Tumblr girls used to post just as soon as January hit. Purchasing an expensive gym membership or starting a cleanse might not be your cup of tea, but can a gorgeous new hair color be? What do the hair colorist have to say about the 2024 hair trends? Will there be something for the blondes? What about the brunettes and red-heads? We unfold.

The Hair Color Trends 2024 You Will Be Seeing Everywhere

cherry cola hair trend 2024

In the past year of 2023, we saw many mouth-watering food-inspired hair color trends like the latte glaze brunette or the buttercream blonde, and it appears that in the new 2024 hair tones derived of sweetness will continue to overflow our social medias. Different shades of red are going to be big again, and not only. We promise, there will be a hair color for everyone’s taste and preference. Let’s go ahead and help you make the perfect pick for yourself!

Shades of Copper Red Trend for 2024

hair color trends 2024 female copper red hair

According to Cosmopolitan, shades varying between light to dark copper red hair will be everywhere in 2024. It’s the perfect tone to add lots of warmth and brightness to your appearance, without the depth of a darker red hair color. However, this color is pretty high-maintenance if you want to preserve its vivid shade, so regular upkeep is a must.

The Expensive Brunette Will Still Be Popular

hair color trends 2024 brunette expensive

Is there something especially saved for classy brunettes in the new year? The quiet luxury trend of the “expensive brunette” will continue to carry its shine and richness in 2024 as well. This glossy and deep shade of brunette will create a great contrast with the pastel colors that we will be seeing a lot of in fashion this year. At the salon, ask for a rich brunette color with depth.

Peachy Tones Inspired by Pantone’s Peach Fuzz

peachy tones hair trend 2024 pantone peach fuzz color

If you haven’t heard by now, Pantone unveiled their color for 2024 to be Peach Fuzz – a soft hybrid of orange, yellow and white. Along with peach fuzz nails, we will be seeing a lot of peachy hair colors inspired by the 2024 Pantone color. At the salon, you can ask for a mix between strawberry blonde and pink with just a dash of orange.

Hair Color Trends 2024: Buttercream Blonde

blonde hair color trends 2024 buttercream blonde

What will the blonde hair color trends 2024 be? For those who loved this tone, you will be well overjoyed to learn that buttercream blonde is only going to get richer and creamier this year. Picture a warm buttery color that is much softer than its 2023 bleached version. At the salon, you can ask for a muted version of the warm summer blonde that will enhance the rosiness of your cheeks.

Subtle baby-balayage for a natural-looking hair color

baby balayage hair trend 2024

Smokey shades will be trendy in 2024

smokey hair trend 2024

The return of the icy platinum blonde

icy platinum hair trend 2024

Expect to see rich & bold deep maroon red in 2024

hottest hair color trends for 2024 maroon red hair

Viral vanilla-chai highlights or a grown-out blonde 

vanilla chai highlights 2024 trend

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