Top 5 Best Free Haircut App Simulator Options to Try in 2023

by Kristiyana

Wishing you could try a new trendy hairstyle or hair colour, but don’t know if it will sit well with your skin tone or face shape? Yeah, we’ve all been there. I remember when I first thought about dyeing my hair red, and wanted to picture what it would look like. I tried a haircut app to visualize it, but face simulators were not so advanced then, so the outcome wasn’t what I hoped for. But I did end up dyeing my hair red in the end! Luckily now for us women, and even men, there are numerous hair simulator apps that we can use to try on different hairstyles and colours to find the one that fits us most. Curious to learn which are the best free apps on the market?

Which Haircut App to Choose in 2023?

razored pixie mullet for fine hair texture

When you are wondering how to decide which haircut app to select for trying out different looks, you first have to figure out what your requirements are. There are apps that offer visualization of different haircut lengths and styles, while others are more focused on hair colours. Usually, people would opt for the versions that have the highest rating, which is completely fair. And, of course, ones that are free of charge. Here at, we have picked the top 5 free hairstyle simulator apps for you to try in 2023. Let’s review them!

Modiface Hair Color App

modiface hair color app simulator


The Modiface Hair Color App is one of the most popular makeover apps, and it’s free of charge with optional in app-purchases. It has an approval rating of 3.1 stars, and lets you try various cool hair colours within seconds. As an example, if you wish to go blonde for the summer and have been wondering which type of blonde would suit you most, whether it’s a platinum, buttercream, or a champagne blonde hair colour, the Modiface Hair Color App will help you decide! The app offers realistic results and has a live video function. You just have to change your camera to selfie-mode and look through the many hair colour options that you have. There is even a function for adjusting the intensity and shine of each colour. Amazing, right?

Hairstyle Try On Haircut App

hairstyle try on haircut app

Asking yourself if you should cut bangs? Which woman hasn’t been there? If haircut apps existed when I was in my early teens, my life could have been so much different… Those bangs I got in the 7th grade will haunt me to the end of my days… But now, thanks to hair simulators like the Hairstyle Try On App, you can virtually try on any type of bangs without living with regret later. Wondering which bangs will suit you best? The app offers options to try on any type, from trendy curtain bangs to micro baby fringes. Of course, it’s not only about bangs. The Hairstyle Try On App also allow you to try out hairstyles with different lengths, colours, and styles. This app again is free of charge with only in-app purchases, and has an approval rating of 4.2 stars. You just upload a picture and find the best haircut match for you. The editor even allows you to further customize your choice of haircut!

Hairstyle for Your Face Shape App

hairstyle for your face shape app

Haven’t we’ve all wondered whether getting this new haircut would suit our face shape? I mean, there are some hairstyles that just won’t sit that well on you. Like how heart-shaped faces should never opt for super short bangs or short layers even. However, now with Hairstyle for Your Face Shape App, you can choose the haircut that fits your facial features best! With an approval rating of 4.0 stars, fans call this hair simulator app a “game changer”. The Hairstyle for Your Face Shape App scans your face within seconds to identify its shape. From there on, it offers you a list of suggestions regarding the length and style of haircut that would fit you most. Again free of charge, you just upload your photo to the app, and it’s a simple journey from there on to finding your 10/10 hairstyle.

YouCam Makeup Hair Colour App

youcam makeup hair colour app

YouCam Makeup is said to be one of the top hair colour apps out there. It has an approval rating of 4.5 with over 150 hair colour options to choose from. Fans describe the app as giving realistic results. The hair dye tool in the app applies your selected colour to an uploaded photo or to your mobile camera. The virtual hair colour filter in the app is powered by advanced AI technology, so you get an adjusted and natural version of how your hair would look with the chosen hair dye. You can change the colour brightness and intensity, plus, you even have the options of seeing how you would look like with an ombre, highlights or with a two-toned colour! This haircut app is again free to download, and you will get other useful beautifying tools like filters, a face blemish remover and cool animated effects.

Hairstyle Makeover App

hairstyle makeover app

Want to try out something different with your hair this time going out? Or are you just tired of your basic daily hairstyling routine? The Hairstyle Makeover App will give you the option of trying out any virtual hairstyle you like. If you want to get a new look that will wow everybody around you, upload a picture of yourself onto the app and look through the suggestions that it will offer you. When you are in need of a more fancy hairstyle, best to upload a photo of you in your chosen outfit, to see which hairstyle would suit your neckline most. The Hairstyle Makeover App is, as all the other aforementioned apps, free of charge and has an approval rating of 3.9. What do you think, worth the try?

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