Hairstyle Trends 2022: Simple Summer Hairstyles for Hot Days for Long and Medium-Length Hair

by Kremy

The biggest hairstyle trends of summer 2022 are all about having fun and finding ways to simplify the routine while still showing style. Look at it this way: if you’re trending this season, you’ll spend more time in the sun during the day, party more at night, and spend less time in the salon or worrying about your hair. We will show you beautiful and simple summer hairstyles 2022 for the hot days, which are suitable for long and medium-length hair.

What Are the Simple Summer Hairstyles for Hot Days?

hairstyles trends for summer 2022 Pigtail braids for medium length hair

From layered haircuts that reduce the time required for styling, to the revival of ’90s accessories that make the styling tools unnecessary, this year’s top looks can be defined as simple and easy to make. It’s all about enhancing the natural hair texture and promoting hair health – while still looking chic. The simple summer hairstyles that are trending are:

  1. Cool, popular hairstyle trends for summer – the center-parted bun is hip
  2. Updo with strands – a beautiful and simple summer hairstyle for medium or long hair
  3. Summer hairstyles 2022 in the heat – the clean look is the new trend that women like
  4. The best summer hairstyles 2022 for long hair – Y2K style is making a comeback
  5. Hairstyle trends for summer 2022: the 2000s updo is a beautiful hairstyle for warm days
  6. Summer Hairstyles – Braids are suitable for medium and long hair
  7. Voluminous updos from the ’90s are also making a comeback
  8. Simple summer hairstyles for long or medium length hair: ponytail with accessories
  9. Don’t forget boxer braids

Cool Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2022 – Center Parted Bun

Simple cool hairstyles for summer center parted bun


Whether you’re going for a messy look or a sleek hairstyle, a bun with a center parting makes you look great in no time at all.

Updo with Strands As a Beautiful Summer Hairstyle for Medium-Length Hair

Updo with Strands As a Beautiful Summer Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

Another trend that has returned from the ’90s is two sections of hair pulled out of the updo. To master and complete your look, a very straight center parting, hair pulled back and some lip gloss is recommended. Your styling is jazzed up.

Simple Summer Hairstyles 2022 for Hot Weather – Clean Look

Summer hairstyles 2022 for hot weather clean look

A great technique for an elegant bun or ponytail is enameling the hair, the heart of the clean look. The trick to styling this hairstyle properly is to apply the gel section by section while combing the hair back.

The Best Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair – Y2K Style

bubble braids for long hair simple summer hairstyles 2022

Whether it’s summer hairstyles with butterfly bobby pins, claw clips, or simple but cool bubble braids, these are hairstyles for long hair that are making a comeback.

Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2022: Beautiful Hairstyles for Warm Days

hairstyles trends for summer 2022 Beautiful hairdos for warm days

The updos or hair accessories of the past aren’t going away – they always make a comeback. This style is probably a holdover from 2020, when a lot of people wore their hair up. Now, ladies still want to wear their hair up, but intentionally. While these looks require a bit of effort, the somewhat 2000s appearance is what makes them charming

Simple Summer Hairstyles – Braids for Medium and Long Hair

Summer hairstyles for the hot days braided hair

All the braided, clipped and twisted hairstyles of the millennium are back. There’s a reason braids are the most popular hairstyling: it’s a quick, easy, and cute way to add style to your hair.

Small braids work with any hair length and texture, but they look extra summery and boho on wavy, medium, or longer hair. If you can braid a three strand braid, the possibilities are endless.

braided ponytail Hairstyle trends for summer 2022

Try braiding the face-framing parts of your hair, placing braids all over, or even braiding your ponytail for a fresh look.

simple summer hairstyles 2022 Braids for long hair

Braids are super easy and low maintenance. People will go for hassle-free, carefree styles. What to remember: As with any protective style, it is advisable to keep the strands and scalp well moisturized to avoid hair splitting.

Voluminous Updos from The 90s

hairstyles trends summer 2022 Voluminous updos experience a comeback

This summer, ’90s style updos are all the rage. Another trend from the ’90s is the updo – think Pamela Anderson’s imperfect look, which adds volume with curls and strands framing the face. One can see this style everywhere during the summer months. The ladies love a big, voluminous updo. Great for second or third day hair, this 2022 hairstyle trend is perfect for naturally curly hair or if you have a lot of face-framing strands.

Simple Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair: Ponytail with Accessories

Low ponytail with accessories simple summer hairstyles

You will see many low ponytails decorated with accessories this season. When the temperatures are high, you don’t want to wear your hair at the nape of your neck. Gather it in a simple low ponytail and use hair accessories.

Hairstyles Trends 2022 low ponytail for the warm days

Expect lots of ponytails and accessories in the summer of 2022. The cool hairstyles with eye-catching clips and other jewelry that spice up classic updos are chic and effortless.

Easy Summer Hairstyles – Boxer Braids

Boxer braids as a hairstyle trend in summer

Timeless braids keep your tresses out of your face when you’re out. Try to show off your inner summery vibe by quickly styling 2 boxer braids.




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