The 10 Best Hairstyles for Square Face for Women Over 50

by Kristiyana

As a woman in her fifties, by now you have pretty much figured out life, know what’s good for you and what isn’t. You’ve built a strong confidence and don’t really care what other people might think or say about you. Likewise, you can experiment with many new and trendy looks that as an end result can actually make you look younger! The easiest way to add some glamour to your appearance is with a fresh hairstyle. But which one will suit a woman over 50 with a square face shape? How to hide the harshness of your facial features? Find out now.

The Best Hairstyles for Square Face for Women Over 50

what hairstyle looks best on a square face

Over time, we women often have to be more considerate when it comes to our appearances. Not every outfit or haircut will sit that well on you as it would had, let’s say, 15–20 years ago, and some might even age you. And we don’t want that now, do we? When it comes to choosing a flattering hairstyle for our personal face shape when over 50, you first must be sure of the one you do have. If you are not completely confident about it, go up to a mirror and compare with the chart below. In this article will be looking at the most suitable hairstyles for square face for women over 50.

how to do hairstyle according to face shape


What Hairstyle Looks Best on a Square Face?

To pick out the best hairstyle for a square face shape, you should opt for ones that distract from the angular lines of your face, and shift the focus towards your strands of hair. Choose haircuts that cover your sides, fall to your forehead and extend to chin-length level. Adding waves or curls to your hair will also benefit to softening your facial features. Layers and side-swept hairstyles look great on square faces.

Long Bob Hairstyles for Square Face for Women Over 50

medium hairstyles for square face over 50

A classic and trendy long bob will perfectly frame your square face and soften your jawline. Wearing it wavy will flatter your facial features even more.

Bowl Pixie Haircut for Square Face & Fine Hair

bowl pixie cut with wispy fringe for women over 50 with square face

Wondering which hairstyles for square face for women over 50 will be suitable for your fine hair? Try a cute bowl pixie cut with wispy bangs! The shape of this haircut will add volume to your hair, and give you a youthful and playful look.

Long Sleek Hairstyle with Subtle Side Part

low maintenance haircuts for square faces

How to part your hair based on your square face shape? To soften the sharper angles of your facial features, try a long, sleek hairstyle with a soft side part. This parting style will round out your square face and add softness around your jaw and temples.

Classic Bob for Women Over 50 with a Square Face

classic bob hairstyle for women over 50 with square face shape

Pairing a classic bob haircut with a soft side sweep can frame your square face shape beautifully. Get your hair cut slightly below the chin in a shapely curve for a delicate and elegant look.

Razor Cut for a Square Face with Glasses Over 50

razor cut for square face over 50

Razor cuts are super chic and bold. They are considered a favourite hairstyle for many women over 50. You can have the cut rounded or graduated to soften a square face shape. Also, a great choice for a woman in her 50s with glasses and a square face.

Jaw-length Short Stacked Bob Cut for Thick Hair

short stacked bob on a square face for older women

Which hairstyle is best for a woman over 50 with a square face and thick hair? That would have to be the jaw-length short stacked bob with a side part. The ends of this haircut will hide your well-defined jawline, and the graduated layers will remove the extra bulk of your hair.

Sleek Long Bob with Side Part for Women Over 50

hairstyles for square face over 50

By reading this article, you probably have noticed that side parting your hair works wonders when it comes to square faces. Next time you want to try a new hairstyle, opt for a sleek long bob with a side part to make you look younger in your 50s.

Voluminous Layered Long Bob for Square Face Shape

hairstyles for square face for women over 50

Side-swepts are not the only hairstyling method that works great with square faces. Long bobs have also come to be very popular among women with this face shape, as well as among more mature ladies. Opt for a voluminous long bob with face-framing layers for a gorgeous look.

Youthful Blonde Pixie Cut with Side-swept Bangs

pixie cut with bangs for square faces over 50

What type of bangs are best for women over 50 with a square face? Try these chic and edgy side-swept bangs and combine them with a youthful blonde pixie cut. Fifty never looked better. Wouldn’t you agree?

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