How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2023: Everything You Need to Know!

by Gabby

Have you heard about the celebration of the Summer Solstice? Do you know what is it exactly? We were all waiting for the Summer to arrive, but there is one day that can officially be marked as the start of the season. This year we are going to celebrate it on 21st of June 2023, and we want you to stay prepared. This celebration has been there since thousands of years and many cultures adapted it differently, which is so magical. Let us show you ways to welcome it and what happens on this day!

Celebrate the Summer Solstice 2023: Everything You Need to Know!

how to celebrate the summer solstice 2023 ideas

As I’ve mentioned many times before, summer is definitely my favorite season and I look forward to it every year. The days get longer, the nights shorter and the weather is perfect for long walks on the beach. Well, the Summer Solstice marks the beginning of all that. How exactly? Let’s find out!

What is Summer Solstice?

The Summer Solstice is the longer day of the year and we are going to celebrate it on 21st of June 2023. On this day, the North Pole receives the most light. The summer season officially starts on this day, and the day starts to wind down starting the following morning. We get really excited about it, because of the interesting celebrations. Normally, we expect the Summer Solstice to occur at a particular hour. Actually there are two solstices happening in a year – the first one being in June, and a second one in December. One of them marks the beginning of summer and the other the beginning of winter.

what is summer solstice


What Happens on the Summer Solstice?

As you may know, the sun has a significant impact on the globe. The Earth has a 23.45° tilt and it rotates around the sun, which causes the season to vary, together with the heat from the sunlight. On June 21, the sun’s rays entirely depart the South Polar Circle region and brighten the North Polar Circle region, lengthening the day there, which we call Summer Solstice.

Fun fact: The name “solstice” comes from the fact that the Sun appears to stay where it is for the entire day—at its zenith—on that day and for several days before and after. The tilt of the Earth’s axis appears to cause the Sun to “move” across the sky on other days of the year.

How Long Does the Summer Solstice Last?

We should start by saying that there is no particular day that the Summer Solstice starts. However, we notice that it occurs every year in the Northern Hemisphere between 20th and 22nd June, and it normally lasts for 17 hours. This year, as we mentioned, you can expect it on 21st of June 14:57 UTC.

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice?

summer solstice facts how to celebrate it 2023

Before we tell you exactly how you can celebrate this day, we’ll tell you some more trivia about ancient cultures and customs you can borrow from. The sun is an ancient symbol of life, light, and in some cultures it is even represented as a god. Most civilizations in the ancient world associated the longest day of the year with divination, prayers and performing various rituals.

In Ancient Egypt, people assumed that the Summer Solstice began the new year and believed that the star Sirius appeared. In Spain, people celebrate San Juan Day and make big bonfires. which people have to jump over. In Scandinavian countries, however, this day means much more. They have managed to keep their traditions from the past, one of them being girls making huge wreaths of flowers and placing them on their heads. In the evening they dance around big bonfires and a tree called the Maypole.

Nowadays, people gathered around the Stonehenge (England), which is believed to be a huge Sundial, and they just bathe in the sunlight, dance or do other rituals that are proper for the occasion.

stonehenge celebrate summer solstice 2023 ideas rituals

Now let us give you some of the best ideas on how to celebrate the Summer Solstice 2023 and get the most out of this meaningful day!

Take The Time to Reflect

This is the longest day of the year filled with sunlight and a lot of warmth. You can take advantage of this, and it is a great way to start fresh and take a new turn in life. If you want to change something and do something meaningful, this day can be the ideal time for you.

Gardening During the Summer Solstice

Since ancient times, people believe that this day is to celebrate a good harvest. You can adapt that tradition and spend time in your own garden, or if you don’t have one, you can start now! Spending time, taking care of flowers, vegetables, or fruits, can be the ideal way to relax and bond with nature. If you love the mystical vibe of this day, you can even try and make fairy traps or a garden.

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Flower Wreaths

As I mentioned, flower wreaths are a huge thing in Scandinavian culture on this day. You can make some from real flowers and celebrate by having fun with your friends. You can pick up different seasonal flowers, or if you want to keep the wreaths for longer, you can try making them with fake ones.

Now, you can watch that 4 minute tutorial on how to make a flower crown for Summer Solstice 2023, and remember that it is really important to have positive thoughts while you are making it!

Check Out What The Summer Solstice Means For Your Astrological Sign

  • Aries – Be bold, and get ready to do some changes!
  • Taurus – You should start taking care a little bit more about yourself than for others!
  • Gemini – Take time to think about your relationships.
  • Cancer – Start being the yes-man/woman and don’t say no!
  • Leo – Do more spontaneous things in your love life.
  • Virgo – Think about your future and how do you want it to look like.
  • Libra – Make changes that will make YOU happy!
  • Scorpio – Look for new career possibilities.
  • Sagittarius – Think big and take risks.
  • Capricorn – Improve your relationship with a loved one.
  • Aquarius – You should be warmer towards your loved one.
  • Pisces – Take a break from everything!

Take a Walk or Hike and Bathe in the Sunlight

On this day, you should take a hike or a walk and bathe in the sunlight. If the area allows it and if it’s not dangerous, you can even do it barefoot. Like that, you are going to connect with nature in a much better way. Also, it is believed that like this, you receive a “cleanse” from the nature itself, and you can start fresh!

Go to a Bonfire or Host One

If you want to be in sync with the ancient traditions, you can host a bonfire or go to one, since I am sure there will be many on this day. You don’t have to jump over it, of course. You can simply enjoy it during the night, roast some marshmallows and have a chat with your friends and family, while reflect and think.

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