A Healthy and Sustainable Contemporary Home.

by Kremy

 Healthy Sustainable contemporary home

This fabulous single story home is situated in the pleasant environs of Peachester, near the ‘Sunshine Coast’ of Queensland, Australia. The first impression of the house is how comfortably it sits within its verdant natural surroundings.  This is not surprising when you understand a little of the history of the family who live there.  This sustainable contemporary home is actually a ‘downsize’ for a couple and their family who have lived on the site for nearly 30 years.  Tim Stewart Architects have created this fabulous ‘eco friendly’ house on part of the family’s once massive farm estate.  After years of cultivation the farm is being allowed to return to its natural state as the owners start to enjoy retirement and a more self sufficient lifestyle.

Sustainable contemporary home architecture

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home


The peaceful, light filled ambience of this house reflects this more relaxed way of life.  The mature trees growing around the house seem to envelope it in a natural protective screen.  The quality of light cast through the leaves is tranquil and refreshing. The style of the architecture is light and airy with an emphasis on volume rather than mass.  This effect has been achieved by using materials for their linear and slim line properties.  Combined with the vast expanses of glass windows and doors, the house enjoys maximum connection with the natural world.  Metal, wood and glass are connected fluently into a harmonious modern design. As well as being beautiful to look at, the architects have designed this sustainable contemporary home to facilitate energy saving and recycling activities.  Low energy lighting is installed as are solar water heating and water storage systems. The house was built using only timber harvested directly from the site or taken from natural clearance areas.

Sustainable contemporary home – eco-friendly house design in Australia

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home

This may be a house that resulted from a retirement from full time work, but it certainly is not a ‘rest home’.  The interior is vibrant and full of life, reflecting the occupants’ enjoyment of life.  At the centre of the property is an enclosed courtyard garden. Vegetables and herbs grow happily among the decorative planting scheme.  There is a carefree casual elegance to this sustainable contemporary home, it has personality and verve.  The fresh and bright open plan interior is decorated in white with a wealth of different materials adding energy to the home.  Furniture and fittings are classically modern and certainly not the choice of people who are staid or set in their ways. The youthful quality of this home is perfect for a couple who want to experience new things in life and share their joie de vivre with family and friends.

by Jaz

Interior design – Contemporary sustainable home by Tim Stewart Architects

Sustainable interior design - White living space

Living room interior design - Sustainable house

Kitchen and dining room design and furniture

White modern design kitchen

Interior design

The walls in the sustainable contemporary home

Bedroom design interior

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home design

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home

Healthy Sustainable contemporary home

Sustainable home plans



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