How to Make Heart Shaped Boiled Eggs for Valentines Day?

Written by Kremena Ruseva

How to make heart shaped boiled eggs for Valentines Day? Do you want to make your breakfast or dinner a little more unique? Then do not miss this opportunity to surprise your partner. It is fun and will certainly make them smile!

How to make heart shaped boiled eggs for Valentines Day menu ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching – a wonderful holiday of romance and tenderness. We all want t make this day extra special and unforgettable. We give our beloved people valentine cards, flowers, chocolates, arrange various pleasant surprises. The best gift for a loved one is a surprise gift. You can prepare a romantic bath with red rose petals, or you can prepare a romantic dinner, and make this festive evening romantic and full of love.

Heart shaped boiled eggs – unique food decorating ideas

heart shaped boiled eggs on toast

What could be more beautiful on Valentine’s Day than the symbol of the holiday? Heart shaped boiled eggs may seem difficult to make, but the truth is that it is very easy and they are so much fun, you will certainly try them on many occasions. Eggs shaped like hearts are a fantastic edible decoration for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can combine them with different ingredients to create colorful snacks, salads or meals.

Heart Shaped Eggs Serving Suggestions

We live in the era of Internet, food blogs and social media. We see a lot of creative food designs and edible decorations which transform a simple meal into an exciting experience not only for the palate, but for the eyes as well. Heart shaped boiled eggs are just one example for the creative approach to food presentation. They make the table look more welcome and the food – more appealing and appetizing. There are numerous ideas for heart shaped food for Valentine’s Day – cookies, pancakes, cupcakes, cakes, even pizza, and this is the perfect day for a romantic lunch or dinner. If you add fresh vegetables, cheese, homemade bread or fruits to your egg hearts, you will have a delicious and healthy meal. In addition, something as simple as a boiled egg will show your attitude and make your food look in a unique and impressive way. The combination of white and yellow colors of the egg creates a warm, sunny accent to a sandwich or salad.

heart shaped eggs mold

Nowadays, there are numerous kitchen gadgets and you may even have one of those special molds that change the shape of a boiled egg. They are easy to use and come in different shapes – stars, hearts, animal faces, fish, etc. However, if you do not have a special mold, you can still easily change the shape of warm boiled eggs which will be a both delicious surprise and lovely hearts decoration for your Valentine’s Day table.

How to make heart shaped boiled eggs –step by step tutorial

how to make Egg heart tutorial

For each egg, you will need:

  • A piece of cardboard cut from a stock, juice or milk carton, approximately 7.5cm by 19cm (3in by 7.5in,  folded in half lengthwise.
  • A round shaped chopstick
  • Two elastic bands

How to make heart shaped boiled eggs for February 14 tutorial


Hard boil your eggs.

When boiled, quickly remove the shell while the eggs are still warm.

Place egg in the center of the cardboard along the fold.

Place the chopstick along the top of the egg to form an indentation.

Secure with rubber bands at each end of the cardboard cradle.

Leave for a minimum of ten minutes in the fridge and then carefully remove the chopstick.

Cut the egg in half and in a magical way you will have eggs shaped like hearts. If you need to serve them flat remove a tiny piece from top and bottom of the egg.

How to serve the eggs?

Heart shaped boiled eggs breakfast ideas for February 14

Eggs are a great source of protein and ideal for breakfast, as protein is the perfect for starting the day. You can arrange egg hearts on a toast and surprise your partner with a fantastic and original Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed.

unique food decorating ideas heart shaped boiled eggs

Cut in halves and decorate a fresh greens salad. The white and yellow of the egg hearts will stand out against the green leaves of the vegetables. Add some cherry tomatoes which will make your simple salad even more vivid and colorful.

Heart shaped deviled eggs valentines day menu ideas

Make heart-shaped devilled eggs by removing the yolk, making the deviled mixture and filling the eggs. That would be a spectacular appetizer for the romantic Valentine’s dinner menu.

As you see, it is very easy to make heart shaped boiled eggs. And there are different creative ways to use them on Valentine’s Day. Whether you serve them on a toast, as a salad or appetizer, one thing is certain – they will add an original touch and romantic flavor to your menu which will definitely make your partner smile!




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