High Bun Hairstyles Fall Winter 2023: 10 Simple Updos from Fashion Week to Copy TODAY!

by Stephanie Yankova

You’re in a hurry, you’re having a bad hair day, and you want a quick and easy hairstyle that’s going to last throughout the whole day – what do you do? The usual solution – you tie it in a bun. Be it pure luck, or art imitating life, Fashion Week has proclaimed the top knot as one of the trendiest hairdos of the season. Lucky us, right? Here’s how to elevate your leisure look with the most fabulous high bun hairstyles for fall/winter 2023!

High Bun Hairstyles Fall Winter 2023

small box braids high bun hairstyle fashion week fall winter 2023

The versatility of the high bun reaches far beyond the 3-second knot we tie on our heads as we’re about to wash our faces. Your hair is a medium for self-expression, so don’t shy away from spicing up even the simplest of hairstyles! To help you get inspired our team has selected the most exciting high bun hairdos we saw at Fashion Week for each hair texture, so no one feels left out!

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Messy High Bun with Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

high bun hairstyle curtain bangs gold headband fall winter hair trends 2023


Did you, too, cave in and get curtain bangs this summer? I don’t blame you – I couldn’t resist the urge either! I can’t lie, styling them hasn’t been the easiest of tasks, which is why I got so excited when I saw this goddess-like look! A messy bun and a gold headband? I can definitely do that! With one simple accessory, you can elevate your hairstyle in a way you can wear from day to night!

Sleek Half-Up Half-Down High Bun

half up half down sleek high bun hairstyle trends shay mitchell fashion week milan 2023

The half-up half-down high bun look is great for those days when you need to get down to business. It’s practical, yet elegant and feminine, and best of all – it requires 0 touch-ups during the day!

High Twisted Top Knot Bun

high twisted knot bun fashion week 2023 fall winter hairstyle inspo

This is what I like to call a “glammed up” high bun. It takes less than 5 minutes to do and instantly gives you that “off-duty supermodel” appearance that works with everything from gym wear to baggy jeans, power suits, and cocktail dresses! Don’t get intimidated by the confusing twist – just follow the instructions from the video below, and you’ll be able to recreate it in no time!

Afro High Puff Hair Bun

afro high bun natural type 4 hairstyle trends fall winter 2023

If you’ve decided to give your type 4 hair a break and want a quick and easy everyday hairdo that’s going to help keep your coils at bay – look no further! The Afro high puff bun gives your hair a really tidy yet voluminous appearance which makes it incredibly wearable for any occasion!

Messy High Bun with Face Framing Tendrils

messy high bun face framing tendrils fall winter 2023 hairstyle trends

The loved-by-all messy high bun! Perfectly imperfect every time, this hairstyle is every busy girl’s go-to look that will simply never go out of style! And because we have all time traveled back to the 00s, keep it fresh and on-brand with effortless face-framing hair tendrils.

Editorial High Bun

sleek editorial high bun fall winter 2023 hairstyle ideas

You want a quick and simple hairstyle that’s always camera-ready? I got you, babe! We all want our faces to appear slim and elongated in pictures, and that’s exactly the effect of the sleek high bun – it’s a free facelift! For a little extra pizzazz, take a thin black leather string (or any color string that matches your outfit), wrap it around a twisted top knot bun (that you just learned how to do), and voilà!

High Gloss Slicked Back Spike Top Knot

high gloss sleek back spike top knot fall winter 2023 hairstyle ideas

Another 00s hair trend that we’re expecting to see more of this fall/winter is the slicked-back spike top knot. Elegant and edgy, this wet look is a true statement of its own!

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Box Braids High Bun with an Undercut

box braids high bun undercut fall winter 2023 hairstyle trends fashion week

As the weather is getting colder, protective hairstyles are making a comeback, and so is the task of finding new ways to style them. In a true Zoë Kravitz manner, the undercut box braids are a hit again, so don’t be afraid to reach out for those hair clippers!

Sleek Straight Hair High Bun

sleek high bun straight hair fall winter hairstyle ideas fashion week 2023 trends

Nothing says class and refinement quite like a sleek 60s high bun! This is a true “old money” hairstyle that will instantly make any outfit look elevated and luxurious. It’s the perfect up-do for those with straight hair who want to look put together with minimal effort!

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