Merry Christmas wishes for your family, friends and business partners

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Sending Merry Christmas wishes to family members, friends, business partners and people that you are related to either personally or in any other way is traditional and expresses a personal attention. Even a short message is a way to share the goodness of your heart with others.

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It is so nice and heartwarming to receive the good wishes of the people close to you, isn’t it? Sending Christmas cards is the best way to write your personal wishes and to give something from your heart so that your friends and family feel special.

Sending Merry Christmas wishes – a wonderful heartwarming tradition

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In the times before the Internet and on-line greetings, people were sending Christmas cards without thinking of the time spent on writing them or the postage fees. A pile of colorful postcards with sincere wishes warms the soul with kind words. Many people believe that the tradition of sending postcards has always existed but they are wrong. We seldom think of the history of Christmas cards and take them for granted but they have an interesting history.

first christmas card greetings

The first commercial Christmas cards were commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, illustrated by John Callcott Horsley in London on 1 May 1843. Horsley designed a triptych, with the two side panels depicting good deeds. It showed a family raising a toast and scenes of charity – food and clothes being given to the poor. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” was written on the image and since then these wishes have become a tradition.About 2000 cards were printed and sold that year which marks the beginning of the mass production and sending of cards and Merry Christmas wishes. Neither Cole nor Horsley considered card printing as an opportunity to develop a business, believing that sending Christmas and New Year cards is a momentary fashion, which is not going to last. History proved them wrong, as we all know.

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The first holiday cards manufactured with the technology available in the first half of the XIX century were only printed in black and the colors were applied manually. It is interesting that at those times the cards did not show Christmas or winter theme. Initially flowers, fairies, lace, images of children and animals and other fanciful designs were painted that had to remind for the coming spring. Later, the images of traditional dishes, horseshoe and candles appeared. The first image of a Christmas tree appeared on the cards about 100 years ago –in the early 1900s. The mass production of postcards began in 1862 when the first batch of full-color images was printed. The cards were instantly sold and thus began the custom of congratulating your family and friends and sending Merry Christmas wishes and Happy New Year greetings.

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Nowadays the advanced technologies provide the opportunity to send virtual greeting cards for any occasion. However millions of people prefer the old fashioned, traditional way to buy or craft the Christmas cards and use the post service to send their holiday greetings. There are so many cards on the market today and despite of their design – large or small, colorful or not, funny, formal – receiving a card for this special holidy makes each and everyone of us a little happier. After all people have not changed and like a hundred years ago, we love receiving good wishes and we believe that the hand that wrote them was driven by a real Angel.

Christmas wishes to convey your good feelings to family, friends and business partners

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How to send our Merry Christmas wishes? What to write? Are there any rules for sending holiday greetings? What do you need to know when you send your seasonal greetings to family members, friends and business partners? We shall give you some useful tips and ideas so that you enjoy sending holiday cards as much as the ones who receive them.

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In general Christmas cards can be divided in four major groups – official, commercial, charity and home-made cards. Official cards were first sent by Queen Victoria and are usually associated with governmental institutions like the White House, for example. Commercial holiday cards are defined as those sent by business organizations to customers and partners. Charity Christmas cards are especially produced for organizations like UNICEF and are a fundraising tool. Homemade cards, as the name suggests, are the cards crafted as a DIY project and many families make this a holiday activity and a part of the festive decorations and preparation for the holiday.

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Before sending your seasonal greetings it is a good idea to make a list of all the people, customers or business partners that will be the recipients. You know that good organization will save you hours of writing and wondering if you haven’t missed someone of importance to you or your company. It is best if you wrote a brief message, expressing your personal best wishes.

How to send Christmas wishes to family members?

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Without any doubt, the members of our family are the people that we care about most and sending some standard Merry Christmas wishes is not an option. This is the most special day of the year and it is the time of expressing our love, to wish good health, happiness, wealth and all the best to our family. You can write a little poem or just a few lines wishing peace and tranquility in every home, kindness, understanding, prosperity, love, happiness, peace of mind, success in all every endeavor, more joy, good health, etc.

Merry Christmas wishes for boyfriend or girlfriend

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Christmas is one of the most fabulous holidays, the time when all our dreams may come true, and even miracles can happen. Sending the most special Merry Christmas wishes to your boyfriend or girlfriend is an opportunity to express your love and affection in the most unique way. You can choose a humorous, fun wishes which will bring a smile on the face of your partner and make him feel very special. A greeting for your loved one will be definitely highly appreciated and you yourself will be very pleased.

Merry Christmas wishes for customers, business partners, employees

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We all know that Christmas is the time for family, but the people that we should not forget are the ones that we meet in the daily activities – work, hobby practicing, school, etc. By sending a business Christmas card, the client or customer will know that he is of importance to you. However, there are certain things that you need to know when sending business Christmas cards, some dos and don’ts which you should be aware of.

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One of the most typical questions is – do I send Christmas cards by e-mail or handwritten? Preferably, they should be hand written, of good quality and it is advisable not to send handmade Christmas cards to your partner unless you are an artist. If you prefer e-mailing them make sure that you use each person’s name.

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Choose tasteful greeting cards as your Merry Christmas wishes on a card with a naked Santa will not be a demonstration of good taste. Traditional themes and messages will keep you on the safe side and remember – Christmas is not the time to experiment and test the sense of humor of your partners, associates and customers. Keep in mind that not everyone celebrates Christmas and either choose a card reflecting your client’s religious beliefs or opt for a card with a more generic holiday theme and message, such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”.

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Signing your Merry Christmas wishes in person is advisable. Avoid using a typed signature and try to add a short hand-written personalized message.

Practical tips and ideas for sending cards with Merry Christmas wishes

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Once you wrote your Merry Christmas wishes to family, relatives, friends and business partners you need to send them. Write the address on each envelope by hand. In this way your card will be really personal and not look like a mass mailing.

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For business partners – use the address of business, while for family members the residential address. An exception is if you have social and close contacts with colleagues or business associates and you may send your Christmas cards to their home.

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Be careful how you address your recipients. Always use titles, not just a name – “Mr. and Mrs. Dereck Smith” or the military titles, or “doctor” if the person is a medical doctor. Make sure you send your cards in due time so that they arrive during the holidays.

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Some people wonder whether to respond or not for receiving a Christmas card. You could, if you wish, but it is not required.

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