French country Christmas decorating ideas and tips

by Kremy

French country Christmas decorating ideas elegant decor

French country Christmas decorating is also known as Provence style, if you prefer, is one of the most interesting styles in which simplicity and sophistication, naturalness and exclusivity are intertwined.

how to decorate your home in French country style


Provencal style is simple, but at the same time demanding and despite the fact that some people think of it as something archaic, it is perfect for decorating modern houses and apartments. If you chose French country Christmas decorating ideas then you need to think about every detail, carefully selecting all the elements and their color scheme. Christmas decor in French country style is not a multi-colored mixture on a Christmas tree and candles placed on window sills and tables. Provence is France, with its luxury and sophistication, but without modern innovations and without pretentiousness.

French country Christmas decorating ideas

French country Christmas decorating ideas white tree wreath ornaments

Waiting for the magic and joy of Christmas Eve is a great opportunity to create an atmosphere of festive comfort at home. French country Christmas decorating ideas are elegant and beautiful and will turn the atmosphere of your home into a fairy tale. In addition to the feeling of joy and happiness, your family and visitors will be able to enjoy an aesthetic pleasure from the harmony of shapes and color, simplicity and sophistication. So, how to decorate your home in French country style? Here are some simple tips for you!

awesome and simple Christmas decorating ideas for every home

Choose a proper color palette for your festive decoration. There should not be many bright accents but pastel unobtrusive tones like lilac, turquoise, silver-green, pale blue, pink, white.

french country christmas decor ideas tree ornaments

Decorate the Christmas tree with handmade or vintage ornaments. They perfectly emphasize the theme of rural Provence. Provencal style Christmas decorations can be made from dried flowers, gathered in small bouquets, tied with blue or silver ribbons. White or golden cones will look great. Even baubles purchased at the store can be decorated with lace, or using decoupage technique. This technique is especially popular for DIY vintage Christmas tree ornaments and decorations with a touch of old age.

french country decor ideas for your home

Christmas wreaths are another symbol of the holiday. You can purchase ready-made wreaths but slightly change their appearance. A traditional wreath can be decorated with lavender, beige, pale blue or pastel yellow ribbons, intertwining them between coniferous branches, and completing the composition with a neat bow. Complement the design of the wreath with small figures of silver or white angels. You can place the wreath above the fireplace, on the front door or in window niches. Wreaths can be used as table centerpieces and adding candles will make your decor even more festive.

French country christmas home decor ideas color scheme

Christmas table decoration in French country style needs special attention. Many people cannot resist the temptation for bright colors and violate the basic principles of style. As we mentioned already, Provencal decor is gentle, it requires pastel and slightly muted colors, it does not have any pretentiousness and includes natural materials. Candles, candle holders made of glass or ceramics, textile napkins matching the color of the tablecloth, porcelain figurines – these are some of the main points that you need to take into account. White, blue, green, silver – think about these colors for the table setting and decor. Natural materials are also a good idea – evergreens in jugs or small buckets, wooden logs, lanterns, glass and crystal ornaments combined with gold or silver elements will make your table look in an incredible way.

beautiful Christmas decor with natural materials

Cute vintage figurines of angels, birds, domestic and forest animals can be arranged on any surface. They can decorate the mantel of the fireplace, the table or window sills. It is important that their color is not only consistent with the style of Provence, but with Christmas spirit and festive feeling.



Provencal style ideas festive home decor for Christmas

French country Christmas decorating ideas table setting centerpiece

French country Christmas decorating ideas table setting centerpiece ideas


DIY elegant Christmas decor in french country style

country outdoor decoration Christmas tree and bucket


adorable french country christmas decorating ideas house entryway


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