Top 10 rules for Christmas decorations to create a festive atmosphere

by Kremy

Christmas decoration top 10 rules for festive atmosphere

Creating a festive and cozy atmosphere in the house with the help of decorations is not difficult if you follow some simple steps. Here are the top 10 rules for Christmas decorations that you can use as a guide.

Top 10 rules for Christmas decorations to follow

Top 10 rules for Christmas decorations to follow


Very soon, everyone’s favorite Christmas holidays will come. We see the decorated windows of shops flashing with lights of garlands and toys. This is a sign that we need to follow suit and start preparing for the holidays – buy gifts, think about the menu and, of course, create a festive atmosphere. With the right decor you can invite the jolly and merry spirit into your home, so read the top 10 rules for Christmas decorations and let the festive magic in the house!

Rule 1 – Choose proper Christmas decorations

how to choose proper Christmas decorations

When decorating your home, it is important to remember that Christmas decor should be selected in a way to complement the already existing interior in style and color. If you have an interior in light, neutral or natural tones, you can use decorations in bright colors. If the interior color scheme is more saturated, then silver or gold Christmas ornaments and decorations will be a great choice.

Rule 2 – Do not overdo the decor

Christmas home decorations rules Do not overdo the decor

It is very important not to overdo the festive decor. If you use too much Christmas decorative elements, the house may look kitschy. In addition, an abundance of ornaments, festive compositions and different color combinations in one room is tiring for the eyes.

Rule 3 – Think of the overall interior style

How to decorate the home for Christmas Think of the overall interior style

For different interior styles, certain decorations are suitable. For example, interiors designed in classical or traditional style will look best if decorated with candlesticks or candelabra with candles, pine cones, garland and toys, wreaths, a traditional Christmas tree, etc. Modern interiors will look very original if you choose purple, silver, gold, emerald green, turquoise, etc. For Scandinavian decor light wood toys and Christmas stars are used as they enhance the naturalness and simplicity of the style.

Rule 4 – Decorate the windows

Christmas window decoration ideas lights and compositions

When decorating your home, make sure to pay special attention to the windows. There are many Christmas window décor ideas – from garlands, lights, silhouettes or hanging toys of different sizes in several levels.

Rule 5 – Create a focal point

Christmas tree as focal point of the festive decoration

Usually, the Christmas tree is the focal point of the festive decor. You can complement it with another large object which will stand out in the room, for example, a chandelier. You can decorate it with tree ornaments, garlands, or wreaths made of natural or artificial materials.

Rule 6 – Decorating a small apartment

Christmas decor ideas for small apartment

If you live in a small apartment then you should not overload the space with a bulky Christmas tree. You can create a fantastic Christmas atmosphere without it. A beautiful arrangement of fir branches, decorated with ornaments and bows will perfectly replace the Christmas tree. Another option is to use small tabletop Christmas trees. Large glass vases filled with Christmas ornaments look very interesting and festive as well.

Rule 7 – Christmas lights and candles

Christmas table setting with centerpiece and candles

Candles remain classic Christmas decoration. You can use candles in various shapes and colors, with or without scent. The glittering lights of candles add not only magical feeling but a sense of coziness and warmth.

Rule 8 – Create festive mood with Christmas aromas

Create festive mood with Christmas aromas oranges and cloves

In addition to traditional Christmas colors and symbols, the holiday has its aromas. Orange, ginger, cinnamon, clove, pine needles – these are natural perfumes for the home and emit a light, unobtrusive and pleasant aroma.

Rule 9 – Use homemade decorations

Use homemade decorations DIY Christmas wreath craft ideas

Homemade Christmas decorations are charming and add a feeling of comfort. There are thousands of DIY Christmas projects that you can find and create unique festive compositions that will make your home look in a unique way!

Rule 10 – Show your love and care

Top 10 rules for Christmas decorations to create a festive atmosphere

No matter what style, color and design you choose, the most important thing is that you do it with love and care. After all, the house is the place where family members feel safe and cozy, where your friends feel welcome and the holiday time – especially pleasant and festive.




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