Stylish and original home furniture design by Peveto – Furm collection

by Kremy

FURM furniture collection by Peveto innovative home furniture design ideas

Furm collection is creative and at the same time eco-friendly and shows us how to give new life and recycle daily objects through home furniture design. Peveto is a Houston, Texas based company, which has undertaken a new approach in this small collection and transformed shipping crates into something functional and original.

industrial furmiture shipping crates Peveto Furm collection


In modern world home furniture design is in constant motion trying to make good use of unusual materials and create beautiful pieces that are not only functional but Nature friendly. And this is exactly the case with the Furm collection. The driving force and inspiration came to the designers from a pile of old crates which were thrown away and following their desire to reduce waste and provide function they used this unusual material and created eye-catching pieces for the home.

wooden furniture design by Peveto Furm collection

Peveto has an established name in fine art, art collection management to individual clients and organizations and also presents a group of artists. Having set the purpose of home furniture and the Furm collection – to add value and functionality to the material – the first pieces appear and give way to an entire suite of furniture. After the bookshelves and filing cabinets, a coffee table, side table, club chair and bar cart appeared. All these are made of shipping crates with an addition of as much as feet of pine blocks, which serve to elevate the undersides of the different pieces and give the desirable height. You could use them as outdoor furniture or as a part of your modern green interior.

 shipping crates modern furniture design collection by Peveto

modern wooden Furm collection by peveto shipping crates

modern Furm collection by Peveto shipping crates

shipping crates home Furm by Peveto






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