Home treatment for flu: 7 best natural remedies against flu for a quick recovery!

by Kristiyana

It’s starting to get very cold outside, and some of us still haven’t managed to get a proper goodbye with the warm and sunny summer. Not only that, but the weather seems to be so changeable these days! Gloomy mornings, sunny afternoons, and two hours from that comes the rain… How can our bodies cope with all these sporadic weather changes? I will tell you how, sometimes they don’t! It’s officially flu season, and you can already see your office co-workers’red running noses and hear their constant loud coughing. You think to yourself, am I next? Well, let’s hope not! However, if you start experiencing symptoms like the aforementioned, or a sore through and fever, then something must be done right away! For the best and most natural fix, let’s focus on 7 natural remedies for home treatment for flu.

1. Stay hydrated to treat flu at home

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When you have the flu, staying hydrated is more important than ever! Some symptoms of the flu like running a high fever or diarrhoea can cause dehydration to the body, so it’s essential to keep watch on how many fluids you are taking. Drinking enough fluids will help you with getting rid of excess phlegm and mucous. It will also keep your mouth, throat, and nose moist. To stay hydrated, you don’t need to drink only water as an option, even tough that is one of the healthier choices. Other healthy options can be a mix of fresh juices or a blend of herbal tea.

2. Increase your dose of vitamin C

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It is a wide known fact that when you are feeling under the weather you should take plenty of vitamin C. What would be best is to take it regularly, not only when you have the flu, to strengthen your immune system. I personally take it as a supplement now and then, and I try to drink a mix of fresh orange and lemon juice in the morning for a good start of the day. If you are not sure about the supplement, you can always first speak to your doctor about it. Nonetheless, getting enough vitamin C can help you with upper respiratory tract infections. Try to add fresh lemon juice to your water or tea to reduce phlegm when you have the flu.

3. Home flu remedy with chamomile

chamomile benefits_remedies with chamomile

Chamomile is also a popular option for home treatment for flu. People have been drinking chamomile tea for ages as a natural remedy for a lot of conditions. Your immune system will also greatly benefit from using this herb. Drinking chamomile tea is said to reduce hoarseness and soothe sore throats. Combine the tea with a gallop of honey to double the soothing effect. If you also have trouble sleeping while you have the flu, the herb will help you relax as it has a mild sedative effect. Just keep in mind, that taking chamomile is not recommended for pregnant women.

4. Cure flu at home with honey

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We can’t have a list of the top best natural remedies for flu without including honey, can we? Everyone has honey at home! It is a popular organic ingredient to use when sick due to its highly beneficial properties. Honey possesses a range of antimicrobial and antibacterial traits. Combine the recommended camomile tea with lemon juice and honey to ease a sore throat. Honey is also an effective home remedy for coughing. Keep in mind to not give it to a child younger than 1 year old, as their immune system might not be able to handle the botulinum spores that are often found in honey.

5. Stay warm and get plenty of rest

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Typically, when we don’t get enough sleep for a longer period of time our body starts to fail us, and we get sick. It is essential to get 7-8 of sleep, especially during flu season. When you are down with the flu, your body needs energy to be able to fight off harmful bacteria and toxins. Be sure to get plenty of rest to strengthen your immune system, so it can handle the flu. Always remember to keep yourself warm with the help of a blanket or two. Sleeping with an extra pillow under your head can aid you in draining your sinuses.

6. Treat flu at home with zinc

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Another great home treatment for flu is to take plenty of vitamin zinc. Zinc can help your immune system deal with the flu. This mineral aids the body in creating germ-fighting white blood cells. It can also slow down how fast the virus multiplies. Natural sources of zinc can be found in foods like lentils, beans, chickpeas, seeds, eggs, nuts, red meats, carrots, garlic, shellfish, and dairy products. You can always take the vitamin as a supplement as well.

7. Salt water therapy for your feet

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This natural remedy is one that I always recommend to my friends to try at home when they are feeling sick. Dipping your feet in hot salt water can help your body fight off bacteria and infection. The hot salt water will warm you up and can bring down your fever. Take a small washtub for your feet and feel it with boiling hot water. Take a jug filled with cold water and pour some into the washtub until the temperature is alright to put your feet in. Pour 3-4 cups of salt in the washtub. Dip your feet for 15-20 minutes, or until water is no longer hot.

Give a try to all or at least some of these home treatments for flu, and I am sure you will feel a lot better! If you have tried them and the flu symptoms don’t seem to be going away, better to go to the doctor for immediate treatment, so your condition doesn’t worsen. And if you, by unfortunate luck, are experiencing a cold rather than a flu, check out more home remedies on how to deal with it quickly! Feel better soon!

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