How to Assemble a Jaw-Dropping Halloween Candy Board – 2021 Ideas

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Are you ready to delight the children on October 31st? Have you bought all the sweets for this Halloween? Well, it is time to think how to assemble a jaw-dropping Halloween candy board! Delicious, colorful and super easy to make, our ideas will be all the rage on your snack buffet this year!

Halloween 2021: What Do You Need For a Festive and Delicious Candy Board?

How to Make a Jaw-Dropping Halloween Candy Board 2021 Ideas

To celebrate Halloween properly, we tend to pay more attention to our costumes and makeup than to what we put on the festive table. This year, however, we will take care of Halloween party food with an idea which is as delicious as it is decorative. This is a large tray of candies and treats that promises to get all the little monsters hooked! The best news is, the majority of the ingredients used don’t need the extra packaging to pair with the spooky vibe. They are perfect to place as a Halloween table decoration as well!

A Halloween candy board wouldn’t really be a snack platter without the delicacies. Focus on homemade cookies cut into different shapes: pumpkin, bat, skeleton, autumn leaf. Candy corn, gummy Dracula’s teeth, sweet popcorns, voodoo cookies are also welcome on the candy board. For a healthy candy buffet, make your own gummy candies.

halloween snack board for kids


Fans of terrifying sweets can opt for ghost-disguised marshmallows, mock sausage mummies, little spider sandwiches, bloody hot dogs, googly eyes in gelatin balls, or any other Halloween party food and snacks ideas.

When it comes to Halloween candy, everyone has their favorites and it is best if you have an assortment of candies, sweet and savory treats that will please everyone. Here are a few ideas:

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Sweet treats

diy halloween candy board ideas 2021

  • Pumpkin Cookies
  • Ghost Cookies
  • Voodoo Cookies
  • Skeleton coolies
  • Orange Halloween Oreos
  • Maple popcorn
  • Chocolate dipped Pretzel sticks
  • Halloween fortune cookies
  • Orange wafer cookies
  • Mini Doughnuts
  • Halloween cupcakes
  • Candy ideas for your Halloween snack board:
  • Gummy Fangs
  • Mini Gummy Pumpkins
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Black Licorice
  • Candy Corn
  • Gummi Worms
  • M&M’s
  • Bloody Jellies

Savory snacks

Halloween 2021 What Do You Need For a Festive Delicious Candy Board

  • Cheeze-its
  • Skeleton and bones Cheetos
  • Cheddar Sun Chips
  • Veggie Puffs
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Ghost and Bat Chips

Fruits and vegetables for a healthy Halloween snack tray

easy halloween party food ideas candy board halloween 2021

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Grapes
  • Green apples
  • Bananas with ghost faces

How to Assemble Your Halloween Candy Board?

halloween party snacks and candy board ideas original plates

It doesn’t sound like something difficult, yet here are some tips for you:

  • Get some Halloween serving trays or appetizer plates. The market offers quite many Halloween-themed options – spider platters, skull-shaped plates, witch’s hat appetizer plates, etc.
  • Start by arranging larger items on your board like bowls with candy.
  • Arrange sweets with different colors, shapes and sizes to get a unique look. Do not forget that whether you opt for an assortment of candies and chocolate sweets or healthier options, colors are important.
  • Add the finishing touches – decorate the candy platter with Halloween items.

How to Decorate the Candy Buffet for Halloween?

How to Decorate the Candy Buffet for Halloween

The candy tray is an integral part of the Halloween snack buffet. To decorate it in a spectacular way, you usually have the choice between two themes: spooky accessories that chill the blood or decorative pumpkins painted in festive colors. The traditional combination of orange-black-white colors is a sure bet for a successful Halloween decor, shades like green, red and purple are not to be missed either.

In fact, they are very easy to create with jelly candies, food coloring or natural ingredients (wasabi, melted chocolate, tomato sauce). In short, the ideas for transforming a simple tray into a monstrous one are many.

Make cobwebs from yarn and popsicle sticks, cut out cardboard bats, or paint small pumpkins in black and white. You can also invest in decorative mice and skeleton hands.

How to Assemble Your Halloween Candy Board

Easy to make and customizable to perfection, the Halloween candy board can be arranged according to the taste of everyone, including adults. There are many options for assembling a gourmet platter for you and your guests. Just swap the gummy candies for some quality delicacies (cheese, pretzels, raw vegetables, crackers, chorizo, dips, hummus) and you’re good to go.


DIY Halloween candy board buffet ideas for kids

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halloween 2021 ideas candy board for kids

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how to assemble a candy board for halloween

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