How to Avoid Checked Baggage Fees? 7 Ways to Save Your Money!

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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do all year round, but especially during Summer! There’ is something incredible and very exciting in planning your next adventurous trip, but if you are like me, you have to think about what could go wrong! That list is very long, so I am not going to talk about it. I will tell you that one of the things that can ruin your mood a bit are the taxes that the airline company could make you pay, if you are not prepared! With that being said, how to avoid checked baggage fees? I have some secrets that will get you ready and save you money!

How to Avoid Checked Baggage Fees? 7 Ways to Save Your Money!

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Have you ever gone to the airport ready to check in your luggage when suddenly you hear that it is heavier than recommended and that you have to pay a fee? It would definitely make me feel bad, knowing the prices… They are usually per overweight pound and let me tell you, they are quite scary… And sometimes, people don’t even know that they have to pay a tax for a checked luggage, because it is written in very tiny letters on the ticket. However, today we are going to show you how to save your money and travel with a huge smile on your face! Let’s dive right in!

How to Avoid Paying Checked Baggage Fees?

First, we should start by saying that every airline has its own rules, specifications and weight recommendations when it comes to baggage. Before booking and buying a ticket, you have to read very carefully about the company policies and restrictions regarding your luggage. As we already mentioned, sometimes it is written in the tiniest letters that checked baggage will be charged. Keep in mind that there are several companies to choose from, so keep looking for the one that meets your expectations and it is suitable for your budget.

Weight Your Luggage Before Your Flight

If it is possible, weight your luggage at home before your flight. If you don’t have anything to weight it with, normally at the airports there are special places where you can do so. But, if it is overweight and there is someone at the airport with you that will not travel, simply give them what you won’t need for your trip as much, to avoid paying the taxes. I would recommend weighting your checked luggage and your carry-on.

Leave Some Extra Space in Your Carry On

This is a trick that I always do, just in case if my checked luggage is overweight! I like to leave some extra space in my carry-on, so if that happens I can move things around and transfer stuff from my checked bags. Like that, you won’t have to pay the overweight luggage taxes and you will save some money and still get everything that you needed with you for the trip!

Pack Light

I know that you want to grab everything possible for your trip, because you never know what you might need. But our advice is to try and pack light. Don’t go over the top with the outfit choices, for example. Learn how to make capsule outfits for a trip and check the weather in advance, so you know what you’ll need. If you are traveling with laptops, cameras, and other devices, try to place them in your carry-on.

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Ship Your Luggage in Advance to the Desired Destination

Yes, that doesn’t always sound like a good idea. However, depending on the trip and if you are moving, or you will be gone for more time, you can actually compare the prices and check if it is going to be cheaper to ship your baggage in advance. That can save you some trouble and a lot of money.

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Ask for a Reward Programs or Get an Airline Credit Card

Are you traveling frequently? Then you have to ask for a reward program, which most of the airlines have. They usually calculate your traveled miles with this card and you get discounts, you can get access to their private lounges, or other perks. This can also include reduces baggage fees or no fees at all, which is great! Many passengers can also apply for an airline credit card. If you use your cards to buy tickets, several airlines provide a variety of rewards, and there is occasionally a chance to receive a free checked bag.

Choose a Lighter Suitcase Option

Yes, a suitcase should be sturdy and very well secured. But people often buy them too big, large and thick, which gives your baggage some extra weight. If you travel frequently and you want to take more stuff with you, think about getting a lighter suitcase or bags. There are still larger options that are super light and comfortable to travel with. This can also save you money and you will avoid paying the extra fees, while still take everything you need.

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