How to glue broken porcelain plates and cups at home?

by Kremy

How to glue broken porcelain plates and cups at home? Every house has ceramic or porcelain plates, teacups, vases or other accessories and pottery. How often does it happen that you break something? It can be a vintage teacup, a ceramic plate, or an ordinary ceramic figurine. And, despite the fact that ceramic dishes are strong, they still break. Well, it is not a problem to fix your favorite vintage teacup if you had high-quality adhesive at home.

How to glue broken porcelain plates and cups

It is quite understandable that everyone would like to extend the life of the ceramics or the beautiful porcelain. They are not only used for the intended purpose, but also decorate the interior with their originality and uniqueness.

How to choose a proper adhesive to repair broken porcelain?

broken plate on the floor


Is it possible to fix broken porcelain? Fortunately, nowadays there are many unique adhesive compositions which you can use to glue a broken porcelain cup or plate. All you need to do is get the right glue for your project. The market offers many types of glue so you need to keep into account several criteria. The two most common types are epoxy and super glue. However, drying time, safety, waterproofing, opacity, etc. are really important.

You should know that epoxy glues need longer time to dry but they offer a better bond. The drying time should be advised on the label, so make sure you check that. As far as opacity is concerned, you need a glue type that dries transparent, so that it is not noticeable after you fix your broken plate, vase, mug or cup.

how to repair broken vase flower pot

When we say safety, we mean food safety, which is an important factor when you are repairing food plates or containers. Glues are made of chemicals, so you should be 100% certain that the adhesive is food safe. If not printed on the label, look for information on the manufacturer’s site.

Waterproofing properties are important if you want to repair a teacup, vase or your favorite coffee mug, as these are exposed to water and the glue should be able to withstand regular washing. Usually, epoxy adhesives are waterproof, but most glues on the market are either water-resistant or waterproof.

How to glue broken porcelain at home – simple steps and instructions to follow

how to glue broken porcelain tips

Porcelain and ceramics are perfectly glued together, but any repair is a process that requires care and attention as it will be quite difficult to re-glue or redo something. It is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the adhesive manufacturer, so make sure that you have read them before starting your project.

Step 1 -How to glue broken porcelain at home – Clean and dry the pieces

Assemble and prepare the broken pieces – wash, dry and wipe with acetone. Make sure there is no dirt, dust or other substances that may interfere with the glue.

Step 2 – Apply a thin layer of glue

Apply a thin layer of glue to one of the sides that will fit together with a matchstick or toothpick. Fit the piece to its place and press. In a similar way, glue all the available fragments.

broken coffee cup how to glue porcelain


Step 3 – Clamp the pieces together

As we mentioned, different adhesives have different drying time. You need to make sure that the pieces will remain together while the glue is drying. You can use masking tape, rubber bands or something else, depending on the size and shape of the porcelain piece that you are repairing.

Step 4 – Clear adhesive residues

Remove excess glue with a paper towel. Ordinary acetone is excellent for removing adhesive residues.

Step 5 – Let the glue dry completely

Check the time recommended by the glue manufacturer.

vintage teacup and cupcake fix broken china

Now you know how to glue broken porcelain at home and extend the life of your pottery, vases or home accessories. Even if you think that something cannot be repaired, do not hurry to throw it away. There are many creative ways to upcycle household items and give new life to old china. For example you can turn your vintage teacups into useful objects and eye-catching handmade masterpieces.

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