How to Keep Curly Hair Straight in Humidity: Effective Methods That Actually Work

Written by Gabriela Slavova

Where are my girls with curly hair? We are an entire team I’m sure! I personally love my natural curly hair, but sometimes I want to switch things up a bit and make it straight or do another hairstyle that doesn’t involve HUMIDITY! Ahh… this is probably our worst enemy! It can do bad things to our volume, haircut and we end up looking… well… like poodles (sorry, not sorry). You already know the struggle and how long it takes to make our natural curls straight and the bad feeling when you see them falling apart. How to keep curly hair straight in humidity? Is it even possible? What are the best and most effective methods? Let me show you!

How to Keep Curly Hair Straight in Humidity? Effective Methods That Actually Work!

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Are there any methods that can help us fight humidity and keep our curly hair straight? I am going to let you in on the ones that actually work! As you may know if the weather is humid, our natural curls tend to get frizzy and we get this insane volume that we want to avoid. Before you lose hope, keep on reading! These methods are easy to follow and they will ensure you keep your curly hair straight!

How to Keep Curly Hair Straight in Humid Weather?

Everything starts in the shower. There are a few steps that you should follow, before going in with a hair straightener. The results are guaranteed and it will take minimal effort for you to do these. Check them out!

  • When going to take a shower, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that are strictly anti-frizz. These products will help you a lot when you straighten your curly hair.
  • While you shower, use lukewarm water. Avoid warm water at all cost! When you are done, you have to rinse off your hair with cold water. This will close the hair follicles and ensure that your hair won’t frizz afterward. This method also helps if your hair tends to get oily.
  • Instead of your regular towel, use a microfiber one. They are proven to help you fight with the frizz. Also, you might have heard that regular towels are a bit rough for the hair and they might cause damage and breakage. Microfiber towels are gentler and hair specialists recommend them!
  • If you are blow-drying your hair, then you must follow this advice as well. Almost every blow-dryer has a cold air function. After you finish blow-drying your wet hair, finish off with the cold air. It has the same effect as the cold water shower and it makes your hair look shiner and healthier.
  • Now, this is very important! When you start straightening your hair, you have to do it in sections and really take your time. If needed, apply products that are anti-frizz. Always use heat protecting spray or a cream, because for curly hair we apply more heat, which means more damage.
  • Finally, if you want to keep your curly hair straight for longer, when going to sleep at night tie it up with a silk scrunchie. You can also invest in silk pillowcases, because they minimize the hair frizz and make it look way better when you wake up. They are proven to prevent friction, which can cause hair breakage.

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Does Hairspray Keep Hair Straight in Humidity?

Ladies, I know that we all want to believe that a hairspray can be seen as a magical substance, however, for the ladies with natural curly hair it doesn’t give the same results. If you want to keep your curly hair straight in the humidity, you have to do way more than just spray it with a hairspray. Humidity can have a huge impact on our curls, and to prevent something from happening you have to follow the routine! Remember what happened to Monica Geller from the TV Show Friends? You don’t want the same thing happening to you, right?

how to protect your curly hair from frizz in the humitidy 2023

How Do You Keep Your Hair Straight in Rainy Weather?

Unfortunately for us girls with a curly hair, we don’t do well in a rainy weather. Especially if we just straighten our hair, it is hard to keep it as it is. The trick here is to keep it away from the water as much as possible. Hairspray will also help, but not entirely. As we mentioned earlier, you have to start in the shower – good shampoo, conditioner, cold water, microfiber towel, anti-frizz products, etc. However, I have to tell you that when it’s raining, it is going to be really hard to manage keeping the hair straight. My advice is that to check out the weather before using your hair straightener, since it could be pointless.

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