How to Style Peach Fuzz? – 6 Color Combinations That Will Elevate Your Look!

by Stephanie Yankova

A week before the end of 2023 Pantone revealed their color of the upcoming year and… it certainly took the fashion world by surprise! The bright pastel shade of orange, or Peach Fuzz, may not be the first color you choose to gravitate toward, but, contrary to general perception, it holds great potential when used correctly! Here’s how to style Peach Fuzz in 2024 like an absolute pro! 

peach fuzz boucle jacket paired with lime green pants and a ontreasting pink bag

Best Peach Fuzz Color Combination

what colors go with peach fuzz pantone

Probably the first thing you’re going to think about before processing to buy a clothing item in Pantone’s color of 2024 is “What am I going to wear it with”? Think of Peach Fuzz as nude with a twist. It’s soft, warm, and sensual, and it pairs best with analogous colors such as Mustard yellow, Burnt orange, or nude shades with a red undertone. You can also combine it with complementary colors like Cerulean blue, Indigo, and Navy. Pastel shades of purple and green such as Lavender and Sage are also a good match, as well as their deep-toned variations.

How to Style Peach Fuzz?

two piece peach fuzz suit with shorts

Peach Fuzz is a very easy color to style for any occasion. It’s soft, yet elegant, and it can give you a subtle pop to spice up that bland gray or beige outfit. One thing to keep in mind is how it corresponds with your skin tone. If you have really pale skin, this shade can wash you out. To balance it out, add a contrasting color in the upper part of your body, or as an accessory – scarf, necklace, big earrings, or a hat. To avoid the “flat” look, add some peach blush and glitter on your cheeks and lipstick in the same or similar shade.

Play with Contrast

how to wear peach fuzz sage green bright orange prints

Many people shy away from playing with contrasting color combinations, but the truth of the matter is that they do work unexpectedly well together. The key is to work with the same color intensity. Pair pastels with pastels, and deep shades with other deep shades. To enrich a bright outfit, you can add accessories that contain one of the two, or both contrasting colors in a more vibrant shade. Here, for example, we have the contrasting shade of Peach Fuzz, which is Sage green. The bright orange tee is from the same color range as the peach, but it’s much more vivid, which makes the outfit more interesting, while still maintaining cohesiveness.


styling a peach fuzz outfit with nude shades

When in doubt, take the monochromatic route. Pantone’s color pick pairs brilliantly with neutral shades such as Camel, Tan, Khaki, Fawn, and Taupe. If you have a cool undertone, wear the darker shade on the top, and the peach on the bottom. Inversely, if your skin has a warm or neutral undertone, wear the brighter shade on the top, and the darker on the bottom. This is to avoid the “flat”, lifeless appearance we mentioned earlier.

Use Complementary Shades

styling a peach fuzz blazer with pastel lavender dress pants

Another really pleasant color combination you can try is to pair Peach Fuzz with its complementary shade – Lavender. You can give the outfit a more casual appearance by adding black, which will bring the main colors forward, while still keeping the look rather tame.

For those of you who are feeling brave, here’s Carla Rockmore’s suggestion on how to style this color more extravagantly!



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Make a Statement

peach fuzz leather trench coat styled with a striped gray two piece suit

You can easily elevate a simple outfit with the right use of color and accessories. If there’s one item worth buying in the color of 2024, it would be a coat. If you’re someone who strictly wears basics and neutral colors, this is a great way to introduce it to your wardrobe without making any major adjustments to your everyday attire. A pop of color will make a classic gray suit, a black dress, or plain jeans look so much more interesting – it’s worth the shot!

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Animal Prints

accessorising peach fuzz outfit with animal patterns

Like it or not, animal prints are back! If you’ve never played around with animalistic patterns, quite frankly, my lovelies, you haven’t lived! There’s something incredibly bold about a zebra or a cheetah print that instantly adds an edge to even the most plain and effortless outfits! The best part – they go with everything, as long as you’re not too shy to take a walk on the wild side!

Vibrant Pop of Color

short peach fuzz trench coat paired with a contrasting neon yellow tulle skirt

The best way to turn a monochromatic look from bland to grand is to add an outrageously bold color that breaks up the whole outfit. And that’s exactly what this bright yellow tulle skirt has done! Why does it work so well? The devil is in the details, and here that’s the yellow gold buttons on the Peach Fuzz blazer that tie the whole ensemble together!

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