Late Summer Nails 2023: The 10 Most Beautiful Ideas for the End of Summer

by Kristiyana

It often seems like every summer goes by faster than the last, and we’re always trying to find ways to prolong those pleasant moments. With the right ideas for late summer nails, you can really bring colour and mood into the last days of this dreamy and carefree season!

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and with it the bright colours and light-heartedness that characterize this season. Late summer nails are always a difficult decision. They can be colourful and summery, or you can start weaving in darker, neutral tones. But if you are not sure how to end the summer with your manicure, let yourself be inspired by these beautiful ideas!

Late Summer Nails: The Best Ideas to Copy Right Away!

best late summer nails 2023 end of summer nail designs

Late summer leaves more room for interpretation, taking on the colours and decorations of the summer season to enjoy a little bit of magic every time we look at our hands. Get inspired by these trendy late summer nails designs to have even more memorable moments before it’s over!

Weather Nails

thermal nails late summer trend end of summer nails


Even when the summer heat is coming to an end, we can still charge our nails with some energy. With their bright colours and abstract details, thermal nails, also known as heat map nails, are a popular late summer trend for a reason. They are really cool as they show off lots of bold colours in that abstract look that most of us love.

Pistachio Nails

pistachio nails for late summer 2023 end of summer nails colors

There is no doubt that all shades of green are trending like crazy these days. However, among the trend colours for 2023 there is one shade that is particularly noticeable in late summer.

Pistachio green is warm and vibrant enough to feel summery, but it’s also a great shade for transitioning between seasons. And it combines beautifully with different nail designs.

Barbie Nails

barbie nails barbie nails 2023

If you haven’t tried the trendy Barbie nails yet, it’s high time you did before the season ends. Pink is one of the trendiest colours of summer 2023 and will also reign supreme in the last days of summer.

Whether it’s a simple pink nail polish or accentuating the Barbie aesthetic with various details, Barbie nails are sure to turn heads.

Vanilla Chrome Nails

vanilla chrome nails 2023 end of summer nails 2023

Our obsession with shimmery, shiny and metallic nail colours will continue into late summer. The original glazed donut nails that were so popular have inspired a number of new trends. The vanilla chrome look is a subtle manicure that’s perfect for any occasion.

Aperol Spritz Nails

aperol spritz nails for late summer late summer nails 2023

You can never go wrong with shades of orange! Choose Aperol Spritz nails for a hot August nail look and refresh the last days of your summer. They come in different shades of orange, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker, but they are all reminiscent of Aperol Spritz and bring the mood we wish to experience a little more in summer.

Lavender Nails

lavender nails for late summer end of summer nails colors

Lavender nails are really beautiful and very feminine at the same time, and it is no coincidence that this colour is trending for late summer. It gives a delicate radiance and goes well with every skin tone. To make your manicure unique and eye-catching, add rhinestones and glitter, or combine it with floral nail art.

Sunflower Nails

sunflower nails 2023 august nails 2023

If there’s one colour that symbolizes the hot season, it’s yellow. And if there’s one flower that’s most associated with summer, it’s the sunflower.

Prolong the summer feeling with this beautiful nail design and let your nails bloom with elegance and charm. Show off the irresistible beauty of sunflowers!

This bewitching look captures the essence of golden sunbeams and infuses them into every stroke to create a playful vibe at your fingertips.

Late Summer Nails in Cobalt Blue

end of summer nail colors 2023 cobalt blue french nails

Cobalt blue is a rich shade of blue very similar to royal blue that gives luminosity to your hands. In our opinion, it is perfect for any time of the year, both late summer as it is bright enough and autumn as it is also cool.

And it just looks great when you choose cobalt blue for French nails. If you prefer minimalistic designs or worry that bold colours will be too much for your hands, this idea is the best choice for you.

Abstract Nail Designs

abstract nail designs late summer nails

Compared to other nail designs, perfection is not the goal here. The asymmetrical look is key to this trend. This manicure lends itself perfectly to interpretation and can loosen up a person’s personal style. It is the easiest option to have your nails done at home.

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Lip Gloss Nails

lipgloss nails what nail colours for late summer

And if you like a neutral manicure, lip gloss nails are the trend for you. They suit every skin tone and style, and are great for all nail lengths, from pointed stilettos to short nails.

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