Trend Alert: The Lob Haircut 2024 – Our Experts Reveal the Secrets to the Perfect Midi Chop!

by Stephanie Yankova

There are very few things that can instantly transform a woman’s attitude, and a new haircut is one of them! According to experts, midi hairstyles are going to be among the most sought-after ones this year, and there is one look in particular that’s leading the race – the long bob! What exactly is it, who does it suit, and what’s the trendiest way to wear it? We’ve broken down everything you need to know about the alluring lob haircut in 2024! 

lob haircut 2024 rusty rich auburn hair color woman hairstyle trends

What is a Lob Haircut?

The word “lob” is a portmanteau for “long” and “bob”. This is a haircut that usually falls right at your shoulders, or slightly above them, with either blunt or angled ends. Since this hairstyle is much longer than the classic bob, it allows for more interpretations. It can vary in length, layers, and texture, you can make it structured, add movement, or cut it in an asymmetrical shape for a more edgy appearance. It’s incredibly versatile, easy to style, and low-maintenance, which is what makes it such a popular choice among women.

What Face Shape Suits a Lob?

layered long bob haircut with curtain bangs and balayage 2024

The lob haircut generally flatters most face shapes, however, there are a few that suit it slightly more than others. Here’s which ones they are:

  • Oval face shape – This is considered to be the most flattering face shape, as it has very even proportions. Thanks to that, pretty much every variation of the lob haircut works for it. If you aim to elongate your face, opt for soft layers or an angled cut, however, avoid cutting at chin-length as this will accentuate the roundness of your face and make it appear fuller.
  • Square face shape – Long bobs are an especially good choice for those with a square face shape because they help soften its angled structure. You can add side-swept bangs or choppy layers to divert the attention from your jawline, as it can sometimes make your face look harsh and masculine.
  • Heart-shaped face – Long bobs with soft layers are an excellent choice for you! When you add texture to this cut, it draws the attention away from your forehead and balances out your proportions.
  • Diamond face shape – Just like with the square faces, the heart-shaped ones tend to have quite sharp features. For you, angular lobs with side-swept bangs would be the ideal choice if you want to soften the angular structure of your face. Avoid blunt cuts as they will put an emphasis on the width of your cheekbones.

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Who Shouldn’t Get a Lob?

As versatile as the long bob haircut is, the main thing you need to consider before you get it is the texture of your hair. Here’s who should think twice before going for the chop:

  • People with super fine or thin hair – The lob is not a volumizing haircut, so it will actually emphasize the fine texture of your hair, especially if it’s cut with blunt ends. To make it work for you, get an angled lob with short layers that add volume to your crown.
  • Type 3 or 4 curly hair – Unless you are willing to put a lot of effort into styling your lob, this is not an ideal choice for those with super curly or coily hair. When such texture is cut short, the curls tend to spring up, which will completely deform the shape of the haircut.
  • Unusual hair growth patterns – The beauty of the lob comes from its even proportions, as it is generally worn with a middle part. However, if you have cowlicks or an uneven hair pattern on your crown, the lob may not suit you well. It would be best to discuss this with a professional hairstylist first before making a concrete decision.

Lob Haircut 2024 – What’s Trending?

soft brown wavy lob haircut woman 2024

Now that we’ve gone through all the basics, the dos and the don’ts, it’s time to get you inspired and explore the 5 most popular types of long bob haircuts for 2024!

Textured Lob

textured lob dimensional color hairstyle trends women 2024

If you want an effortless, straight-out-of-the-salon hairstyle every day with minimal effort, a textured bob with choppy layers should be your go-to choice! It adds dimension and movement to your hair, and all you have to do to maintain it is use a texturizing or salt water spray.

Blunt Lob

blunt straight long bob women hair trends 2024

There is something incredibly chic and Italian about a straight, blunt long bob. It instantly makes your appearance elegant and polished without even having to style it in a particular way. If you’re someone who prefers a more sleek and put-together look, this one will work perfectly for you!

Soft Layers

lob haircut soft layers copper hair color blonde money pieces

Probably the most wearable and versatile lob is the one with soft layers. It suits every face shape, it allows for experimentation in terms of styling, and it gives you a very playful and youthful, yet mature appearance.

Angled Cut

wavy blonde angled long bob haircut 2024 trends

Quite self-explanatory, the angled long bob has a slanted structure with a shorter back that gets gradually longer towards the front. This is a perfect choice for people with thin hair, as it gives your hair a lot of structure. The angled cut also has a face-framing effect which can help accentuate particular features of your face depending on its length.

Wavy Long Bob

wavy blonde lob haircut 2024 female hairstyles trends

The wavy lob is the one we’ve been seeing the most recently, and for a good reason! It appears effortless, yet structured, and it gives you volume and texture, which is a popular desired effect.

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