Luna pearl granite countertops – give your kitchen a natural appeal

by Kremy

modern granite countertops luna pearl granite countertop white kitchen decor ideas

Luna pearl granite countertops are the perfect choice for kitchens with clean straight lines as the soft grayish color blends gracefully in contemporary designs. Luna pearl stone is known with quite many commercial names – Salt and Pepper, Bianco Sardo, Sardo Luna Pearl, Grigio Perla, Light Grey, Misty Grey, etc. The amazing visual appeal of Luna pearl granite with its intricate pattern of grays and whites makes it a versatile option for kitchen countertops.


Luna pearl granite countertops combine functionality and visual appeal


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Luna Pearl is quarried in a few places around the world – Brazil, China and Italy. It is known for its uniform appearance, a fine-grained structure and unlike other granite types it is not characterized with diverse veining.

luna pearl granite kitchen countertop ideas

This makes it a good choice for large projects where you need a uniform appearance. Of course, some variations from slab to slab are possible, but if you opt for slabs quarried in a same quarry, the variations would be insignificant. Luna Pearl granite countertops can be installed both indoors and outdoors as the stone is frost free durable.


Luna pearl granite countertops and kitchen cabinet colors

contemporary kitchen luna pearl granite countertops kitchen island

Luna pearl granite countertops combine the two ends of the spectrum – black and white – and the overall appearance is a stylish gray. It brings out beautifully white cabinets and complements stainless steel appliances. With a honed finish, Luna pearl combines in an eye-catching way with natural wood kitchen cabinets. With dark cabinets, the countertop pops out and gives the room a bright look. Depending on the effect you want to create you can either blend your countertop in the color scheme of your kitchen or create attractive contrasts. For a sleek modern look polished slab finish is a good choice as the shiny seamless appearance complements contemporary interiors.

minimalist white cabinets luna pearl granite countertop


modern design luna pearl granite countertops white cabinets

Luna pearl granite countertop remodel ideas

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luna pearl granite countertop white cabinets

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