Margot Robbie Hairstyle: Her Hair Evolution in 15 Hairdos to Steal From Her!

by Kremy

A star in Suicide Squad, The Wolf of Wallstreet, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Queen of Scotland, Margot Robbie currently rules the cinema universe. The chameleon-like actress is distinguished by her gorgeous blonde hair that she doesn’t hesitate to style to her heart’s content. On the occasion of her latest role as a doll in Greta Gerwig’s film, which will be released this summer 2023, Barbie, we take a look back at her hair evolution over the last few years. Here’s a closer look at the best Margot Robbie hairstyle ideas you can steal to energize your mane!

Margot Robbie Hairstyle: A Closer Look at Her Most Beautiful Hairdos

margot robbie haircut evolution short long wavy hairstyle

With her magnificent blonde hair, the Australian actress has been making a name for herself since the start of her Hollywood career. Always right on trend with beauty and fashion, she’s a real hair inspiration for Deavita’s editorial team. Whether it’s balayage, ombré hair, highlights or a total look, the star of the upcoming Barbie movie masters the art of blond to perfection. Platinum blonde, brunette hair, honey blonde, she never leaves blonde color, except for a short period for her role in “Z for Zachariah” when she swapped her sublime blonde for dark brown.

When it comes to haircuts, Margot Robbie is a big fan of the trendy bob haircut, in all its variations. Short, layered, long, inverted, she dared the timeless cut several times during her career. But if we have to define her signature hairstyle, we will say long and wavy hair – an elegant and romantic look that the star never tires of. Sometimes styled in a side-part, sometimes in a loose braid, an elegant ponytail or a glamorous bun, the actress moves from one style to another. She also sometimes goes for a cut with bangs. See for yourself in our photo gallery!

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Long, Wavy Hair – Margot Robbie’s Signature Hairstyle

long and wavy haircut margot robbie hairstyle best looks blonde color


Margot Robbie has been wearing her hair long for some time now, and knows just how to give it a twist. Natural waves, platinum blonde, romantic chignon, blond balayage… the radiant actress can afford it all. Wavy hair will never go out of style. In addition, it’s perfect for adding volume to thin and flat manes. To achieve natural waves without heat, opt for a salt water spray or heatless curls.

The Graphic Side-Part Hairstyle

margot robbie haircut short blonde bob with side parting

Whether it’s a layered bob, long, wavy hair, a short bob or medium-length hair, Margo Robbie sports the side-part for every occasion. A graphic and very feminine look that highlights her angelic face.

Margot Robbie’s Bronde Hair

margot robbie hairstyles long bronde hair color

If your heart lies between ombré hair and tie and dye, there’s a trend you should try: bronde hair. Halfway between brown and blond, this color is perfect for all those who can’t make the choice or simply want a nuanced and natural look. The star swears by it.

Margot Robbie’s Bottleneck Bangs

long hairstyle with bangs margot robbie bottleneck bangs

The famous curtain bangs were a real hit last year. The retro chic appeal seduced many stars, and it’s hard to believe that it could be dethroned. But it turns out that its little sister, the Bottleneck bangs, is taking the lead in establishing itself as the absolute darling of beauty addicts.

Margot Robbie’s Baby Braids

margot robbie medium length hair baby braids

Inspired by Sharon Tate, these bohemian-looking little pigtails are perfect for those of you who want to spend as little time as possible in the bathroom getting your hair done. Their major advantage? Baby braids go well with all hair lengths and types. They go particularly well with scandi waves. The principle? Braid only the two strands that frame the face. You can also swap the small braids for mini bubble tails for a chic and playful look.

A Barbie-Style High Ponytail

margot robbie hairstyles long blonde wavy hair high ponytail barbie

Long before her role as an imperfect doll in the Barbie movie, Margot Robbie sported the babydoll-style high ponytail to style her long blond hair. This is a high, voluminous tail with a side parting. Glamorous and very easy to do, this hairstyle is perfect for the summer. It clears the neck and ears giving you a little natural lift, making it the ideal solution for styling your hair when it’s hot outside.

Margot Robbie and Her Short Blonde Bob

margot robbie short bob short wavy platinum blond haircut with side parting

Difficult to master the short bob Think again! When it comes to styling, the XS bob offers several stylish options. Using a salt water spray or a bit of styling mousse, you get an ultra-natural wavy bob. Otherwise, you can also wear it perfectly smooth and with a side part like Margot Robbie.

The Platinum Blond Long Bob

margot robbie hairstyles platinum blond long bob

A favorite for years, the platinum blonde bob is one of Margot Robbie’s favorite haircuts. Short or long, it’s the perfect way to rock a feminine look. Want to stand out from the crowd? The blonde bob is the way to go. Be careful though, it requires a lot of care so that it does not turn yellow.

Romantic And Unstructured Bun

margot robbie hairstyle long hair low romantic ponytail blonde balayage

An Ultra-Glamorous Braid

long platinum blonde hair margot robbie braid

A Half Up With a Bow

half up hairstyle with a bow margo robbie hairstyles

Margot Robbie and Her Wet Look Bob Haircut

short bob margot robbie blonde balayage wet hair look

A Twisted Margot Robbie Hairstyle

margot robbie long blond twisted hairstyle

A High, Accessorized Bun

margot robbie hairstyle high bun short fine hair

Margot Robbie’s Brown Hair

medium length brown haircut margot robbie

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