Mid century modern furniture – inspiring retro style interiors

by Kremy

mid century modern furniture design living room ideas armchairs

Mid century modern furniture belongs to the style that was typical for the mid-1940s to 1970 and the style has some particular features, colors and visual aesthetics. Nowadays many designers turn to the mid century style giving it a modern vibe but following the principles and harmoniously combining iconic pieces in contemporary interiors.


Mid century modern furniture outstanding designers


Mid century modern coffee table armchairs living room decor ideas


Mid century modern furniture is original and the interiors provide the opportunity to personalize your space which is the main reason for the new wave of interest in the style. Mid century modern style features specifics which reflect the spirit of the time. For example, a typical feature is that furniture is designed with thin legs made either of wood or metal.


living room decorating Swan chairs bold red

Another typical and unmistakable feature – the clean lines of accessories. Narrow, elongated shapes or pure bulb shapes are typical for the style. Mid century style is recognized worldwide as a period of significant development of design and many outstanding designers created unique furniture which has become iconic and instantly recognizable – George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen, Miles van der Rohe and many others.


 living room interior ideas armchairs sofa carpet

Furniture design during the 1960s is compact and low. Tables and chairs are a couple of centimeters lower so that there is more free space. Everything was designed to create minimum obstacles to the sight and when a man is looking over it the room is clearly visible. High feet which are typical for the period also are in accordance with the concept as the floor is clearly visible.


living room furniture ideas coffee table armchairs

mid century modern decor living room wood furniture

mid century modern decor ideas living room wooden coffee table

living room furniture vivid colors credenza

 living room furniture ideas coffee table sofa

furniture design living room decor geometric lines

midcentury living room interior design furniture ideas


Clean lines and innovative materials

kitchen furniture round dining table white cabinets

The main characteristic of Mid century modern furniture is its clean lines. The appearance of new materials allowed different forms and different textures. Sharp geometric shapes or organic curves are the most typical for the modernist vision of the time. Simplicity, functionality and comfort were highly valued.

dining room furntiure plastic table credenza

New materials like plastic, plywood, plexiglass appeared and were widely used in furniture design sometimes combined with stainless steel or glass. Kitchen furniture designs were aimed at future and shiny appliances and bright colors are a fashionable trend. Again, designs follow the rule of simplicity and functionality- slab cabinet doors, clean lines and innovative materials.


kitchen furniture turquoise wall color wood cabinets

kitchen design white yellow colors round table

kitchen dining room decor ideas white table orange chairs

 kitchen design furniture ideas bold color

kitchen design and decorating ideas bold blue orange colors

small kitchen decor bold colors

kitchen midcentury modern style interior design

Kitchen design mid century modern bar stools wood floor kitchen cabinets

Chic mid century modern furniture kitchen design ideas white round plastic table


Bold vivid colors and high quality


dining room furniture round table and chairs

One of the typical characteristics of mid century modern furniture is the use of bright, bold and vivid colors – red, yellow, blue, or green, combined with black or white. Terracotta, orange, mustard, brown, swampy green also have a good share. High quality of materials is typical despite the light and airy appearance of designs. Wooden furniture has solid construction and resistant to moisture damage. Upholstery fabrics, curtains and wallpapers feature strong graphic patterns and whimsical motifs.


elegant wood furniture dining room decorating ideas

elegant dining room decorating ideas Eero Saarinen tulip table cowhide rug

mid century dining room furniture wooden furniture

mid century dining room design ideas round table chandelier

mid century dining room design glass table chandelier

dining room midcentury decor accent wall bar stools

dining room decor ideas spectacular chandelier

dining room decor ideas bold colors orange blue

dining room furniture ideas solid wood table eames chairs

gray yellow mid century dining room credenza glass table


Lighting fixtures design and home accessories


wooden bedroom furniture bedside nightstand original lamp

Home accessories like dazzling chandeliers and porcelain vases balance the solid wood furniture. Classic mid century lighting fixtures are the centerpiece of any room. Unique pendant lights and fixtures like Sputnik chandeliers, spheres, bubble lights, Arco floor lamps are iconic for the period with their artistic, sculptural design and dramatic appearance. Brass and chrome come with clear or frosted glass globes. Wall art is a key element of mid century modern decor. Modern and abstract wall art are a focal point typical for the living room.


mid century dresser bedroom furniture ideas

furntiure design solid wood dressing table armchairs

bedroom furniture ideas wooden nightstands unique lamps

bedroom decor ideas wood furniture original wall mounted lamps

bedroom decorating ideas accent wall

furniture ideas bedroom design shaggy rug armchairs

bedroom furntiure wooden bed bedside table lamps

midcentury bedroom decor furniture ideas wood furniture wall paintings

bedroom decor furniture ideas wood furniture blue armchair

Chic bedroom designs furniture ideas bedside lamps


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