26 Mid century chandeliers as an eye-catching interior accent

by Kremy


impressive chandeliers design retro style

Often chandeliers are referred to as the jewelry for the home. And they really are. They add sparkle, they add glamour and they are an important element of  interior design. The collection of mid century chandeliers below will show you some incredibly designed lighting fixtures that have s real drama effect in the interior.

Mid century chandeliers – creativity and imagination

mid century chandeliers huge composition of bulbs and metal


Mid century chandeliers really are amazing.  The designs of those times helped to create the style and atmosphere, and not only highlight the desired area. Brass and glass were widely used as well as metal and glass. A candle – it’s a great idea to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Well-lit rooms make us feel happier and more comfortable.

Mid century chandeliers as interior decoration

wonderful retro style chandelier living room bedroom

The glass bubbles, simple geometric shapes or architectural forms of mid century chandeliers still look incredibly stylish. The retro designs of these lighting fixtures in clear colors add contrast and attract the eyes. Cleverly positioned they immediately become a focal point and an elegant addition to any modern home interior.

luxury mid century chandeliers diamond shaped units

Minimalist style chandelier

original mid century chandeliers minimalist design metal and wood


Glass shaped as flowers

retro style chandeliers flowers shapes

Beautiful blue and white design

beautiful blue and white mid century chandelier

Design with combination of gold and silver 

retro style chandeliers gold silver design

 Mid century chandelier design  – brass square tubes

brass square tubes chandelier retro style design

Original design chandelier in black

modern lighting fixtures retro style design

Stylish chandelier design

stylish mid century chandelier design glass bubbles

 Spectacular chandelier design for the home interior

stylish elegant chandelier design original form

Elegant glossy yellow

Mid century chandeliers design glossy yellow chandelier

Classic black and gold design

elegant black and gold mid century chandelier classic design

gold and black mid century chandelier design

retro style chandeliers living room white brick wall

minimalist design retro style chandelier accent dining room

mid century chandeliers Sputnik design

Mid century chandeliers golden globe shape round dining table

mid century chandeliers attractive design gloss black

magnificent mid century chandelier diamond

impressive mid century chandelier glass bubbles cluster

gorgeous mid century chandelier design

crystal mid century chandelier an elegant decoration accent

bedroom chandelier mid century style white glass bubbles

mid century chandelier design living room coffee table



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