Minimalist home designs 2015 – the trend in living room interiors

by Kremy

minimalist home designs 2015 minimalist living room interior leather sofa square coffee tables

Minimalist interiors are fashionable and very often they are the typical style for urban apartments. We shall look at the minimalist home designs 2015 and the trend in living room interiors. The designs are based on the main principle of the style – to enhance the visual impression of the space, turning the living room into a luxury room free of clutter. Many people have certain concerns if a minimalist living room will be comfortable to meet their needs. Look at the trendy interiors in the gallery below and you will find out that minimalism can create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. The basic techniques of living room decor are aimed at a visual expansion of space, and this is especially important for small rooms.

Minimalist home designs 2015 – open floor plan interiors

Contemporary minimalist living room design black white interior


Minimalist home designs 2015 feature open floor plan spaces and very often the living room is combined with the kitchen or dining room area which are also designed in the same style. The design is concentrated on plain finishing materials. The flooring is wood, parquet but without fanciful patterns. Concrete floors and high gloss floor tiles are also popular as they comply with the principle of monochrome.

modern black and white minimalist design contemporary furniture

As for the furniture, the rule less the better is in full force. Multi-functional furniture, designed to perform more than one function perfectly helps to save space. Modular cabinets with a number of open shelves, glass or mirrored doors expand the space. Sofas are with geometric shapes, solid and low.

Minimalist home designs 2015 – colors and accents


minimalist living room furniture ideas black furniture white wall color

Minimalist home designs 2015 are based on a limited choice of colors which is typical for the  style. White is the most preferred color, but we see some muted natural shades – ivory, brown, beige, gray, black. As a rule, neutral colors are the base and the interiors feature one or two basic colors, and bright colors are introduced as accents – blue, red, olive, black, yellow and so on. For example, the main bright accent can be a sofa or a coffee table. Modern minimalist house design and architecture do not tolerate pretentious lighting like a central chandelier. The lighting concept features natural light, hidden light sources, floor and table lamps with modern straight lines. Decoration and accessories are not in excess, and their design fits into the environment. Wall decoration, if any, is often limited to a photograph in black and white, placed in a thin wooden frame or is used to add the color accent in the monochrome interior.


black sectional sofa white area rug wall photos

 Limited color accents

minimalist style decoration purple carpet gray wall painting modern armchair coffee table

Less is more – a sectional sofa in the living room

minimalist living room ideas and furniture modern fireplace sectional sofa

 White and gray colors in the interior

minimalist home designs 2015 minimalist living room interior

 Neutral colors

minimalist home design 2015 modern furniture original bookshelf

Wall furniture with geometric shape

contemporary interior gloss floor finish black white furniture

fascinating trendy interior white gray

contemporary interior white furniture modern design

minimalist style interior red color accents

minimalist interior accent wall

minimalist home furniture decorating ideas

minimalist room interior cream couch white table black cabinets

minimalist interior black white interior

 minimalist grey living room fire pit floating shelves

minimalist home design modern white furniture black accent wall

Contemporary minimalist design white floor fireplace modern red chairs



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