Modern gas grill and fantastic outdoor kitchen design ideas

Written by Kremena Ruseva

A modern gas grill is a complement to any outdoor kitchen. Yes, a good grill is the heart of every outdoor kitchen because cooking and barbecuing with friends and family is really fun. A brazier in the backyard is the most common way to arrange a summer kitchen and despite that this type of grilling dates back in history, this is an extremely simple design. Having a metal box on legs to cook meat, fish or vegetables does not seem to be satisfying due to the fact that you a brazier does not have a lid and seldom has a grill.

Modern gas grill and fantastic outdoor kitchen designs

Modern outdoor kitchen designs feature more reliable and multifunctional outdoor gas grills suitable for preparing a variety of dishes, from baked poultry, fish and meat to hamburgers, vegetables and desserts. It is much easier to control the temperature in it (many models are even equipped with sensors), and therefore it is not difficult to grill, and the dishes turn out to be much tastier.

Pros and cons of gas grills

Modern outdoor kitchen designs functional space

An outdoor kitchen is a very practical and convenient solution. Why? Because it is a meeting place for friends on warm evenings, a place to spend time with family and enjoy the beautiful weather and a place to cook and eat delicious meals. Those who live in private houses know that you simply cannot do without a grill zone. After all, cooking and dining outdoors in summer is much more enjoyable. How to organize a grill station in your outdoor kitchen? We shall give you some practical ideas to help you!

Every year more and more people prefer the gas grill, leaving the coal behind. The grill is a modern alternative to braziers. Grills can be stationary or mobile, use wood, electricity, coal or gas. Stationary grills are installed in a designated place and a mobile grill can be easily moved around. Of course, stationary grills are more massive and more expensive than their portable counterparts, but their functionality is much wider. A built-in grill allows you to prepare food that is almost restaurant quality. In addition, these grills have a heating mode – ready meals will not cool down or become dry.

A modern gas grill is a complement to any backyard kitchen

Gas grills are extremely popular. They are as easy to use as electric and as cheap to use as coal. The food is cooked over an open fire, which gives it that unique barbecue taste. The functionality depends on the model – the best gas grills can replace the stove, oven or barbecue. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern gas grills?

  • Lighting a gas grill is simple and accessible to any user. You don’t need special skills. A modern gas grill is ignited with the push of a button, heats up and is ready to use in 5-10 minutes after switching on. In comparison, charcoal takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
  • Food cooks faster and you have more free time for other activities.
  • Gas fuel is cheaper than charcoal.
  • You can cook on the gas grill in any weather and at any time of the year.
  • Thanks to the temperature control system, it easy to regulate the temperature and even a beginner can easily prepare a luxurious dish, just following the recipe.
  • A gas grill is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Gas grills are safe. They do not emit carbon and you do not have to deal with ash, etc.
  • Some models are equipped with side burners or smoke boxes, which gives an opportunity to get a charcoal flavor when using a gas grill.

beautiful outdoor kitchen ideas stone and metal

Gas grills have their drawbacks. On the first place, this is the price. Modern gas grills tend to be more expensive than charcoal grills. Uncontrolled flare-ups can create a fire hazard. Gas doesn’t burn as hot as charcoal.

Gas is dangerous to deal with and you have to be very careful to avoid cases of fire and explosion. You will need to monitor the gas in the container and fill it on time.

How to choose a modern gas grill for your outdoor kitchen?

Cooking and grilling outdoors backyard kitchen design wood natural stone

Once you have decided to purchase a modern gas grill, we recommend analyzing all the options that may be useful to you before going to the store. First of all, always pay attention to the price. If the price is too high you may consider a smaller model. For example, if you do not have a big family, and you do not entertain many people a smaller option is a better idea. Additional features as camera lights or controls, as well as accessories as smoking container add to the price. The more burners, the higher the price. You can choose a grill with three main burners instead of four, for example.

Mediterranean style outdoor kitchen design

However, it is worth remembering that saving should not compromise quality. Do not purchase a gas grill from dubious manufacturers. Always choose trusted brands with an impeccable reputation. Cheap grills that have a more than affordable price are likely to be manufactured from cheaper metal and low quality stainless steel.

awesome outdoor kitchen with fireplace dining furniture

Another important consideration to keep in mind is that a gas grill will become an element in the design of your outdoor kitchen. The good news is that it looks equally good in contemporary, traditional or rustic styled designs. The stainless steel of the grill adds a modern touch and works with natural materials like brick, stone and wood. Have a look at these inspiring photos of outdoor kitchen designs with gas grill and find the best solution for your home!


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