Modern modular kitchen designs combine comfort and fabulous aesthetics

by Kremy

stunning modern modular kitchen designs white floating shelves kitchen bar

Do you want to have a functional and modern modular kitchen, designed with respect to the latest trends and contemporary styles? For quite some time kitchens have become an important part of the living area. They are not only a place for preparing food but a place to entertain friends and family and a multi-functional area.

creative kitchen designs modular dark wood stainless steel red top


It is essential that the kitchen receives the necessary attention as in modern homes with open plans it is a showpiece. Whether you plan a renovation or an entirely new kitchen, we will show you how modular kitchens with contemporary design can transform your home and reflect your personality and lifestyle.


Modern modular kitchen designs reflect your personality and taste

contemporary white modular built in ovens floating shelf bowl rack

What is a modular kitchen? Why get one? What is the advantage compared to custom made kitchens? These questions are quite logical and no matter if you are moving into a new home or plan a renovation of your dated kitchen, the decisions that you have to make begin with that. A modular kitchen is made up of pre-fabricated modules or cabinet parts which are fitted together to make a functional kitchen.

white kitchen black accent color modular design ideas

Many people believe that there is a difference between modular kitchens and custom made ones, but if you think about – the difference is practically zero. It is always the customer who makes the decision. The modules can be arranged in a way to fit your available space, your personal requirements and needs and your budget. The client has a decisive word on the material, the finish and even the hardware and that makes a modular kitchen as good as a custom made one.

Modern modular kitchen designs save time and money

contemporary kitchen wood stainless steel modular cabinets

Modular kitchens are manufactured in factories and you receive everything packed and ready to be installed right on site. This is one of the most significant reasons for the great popularity of modular designs. In addition, you can choose your modules in such a way so that all the available space is utilized – whether with shelves, drawers or racks.

why choose modular kitchen contemporary design ideas black wood cabinets

Of course, the option for built-in appliances like stoves or cook tops provides a lot of flexibility as the customer can decide how many ovens he would want to fit and where he wants them. Manufacturers also offer the possibility to choose from different storage and organizing solutions which means that you can get rid of clutter and all your vessels, containers, cutlery and appliances will be neatly stored.

Modern modular kitchen designs –chic, elegance and great visual appeal

contemporary modular  design ideas white kitchen ideas

An enormous advantage of modular kitchens is the fact that you get a magazine look and you can be sure that your new will have the exact appearance that you ordered. You can combine different materials to achieve a bigger and more impressive effect.

amazing modular kitchen design ideas contemporary kitchens ideas

Remember that all individual parts of the kitchen -wall cabinets, bar counter, and other elements can be moved and arranged according to the shape of the room or the need of the owner. How cool is that – to be able to create your contemporary, functional dream kitchen?

contemporary white kitchen modular cabinets island built in ovens

contemporary kitchen modular cabinets white countertop

modern modular red black colors gloss finish

awesome modular design contemporary home interior design

elegant kitchen design modular design ideas modern gray color stainless steel bar

modular red kitchen design gloss finish cabinets

contemporary style modular kitchen design white red accents

modular corner kitchen ideas white cabinets gloss finish

modular cabinets walnut fronts handleless cabinets contemporary kitchen

Modern gloss finish cabinet fronts kitchen island

trendy modular kitchen design ideas awsome backsplash natural colors

Modern modular corner kitchen island with open shelves

Modern kitchen neutral colors design ideas floating shelf

Modern modular kitchen island built in ovens

Modern kitchen ideas white cabinets gloss finish contemporary home furniture

Modern gray modular cabinets kitchen island with seating built in ovens

kitchen modern red white color modular cabinets floating shelves

cool modern kicthens elegant kitchen ideas modular cabinets

contemporary kitchen design ideas modular cabinets

beautiful modern kitchen wood finish open shelves modular cabinets

modern kitchen open plan modular cabinets ideas white

creative kitchen design ideas pantry cabinet finish great visual appeal

contemporary neutral colors modern kitchen cabinets design

Beautiful white kitchen central island

 black kitchen cabinets breakfast bar

kitchen design ideas modular cabinets white purple color gloss finish

open plan kitchen ideas modular cabinets floating shelves island

 kitchen design ideas trendy open plan ideas

modern kitchen white cabinets black breakfast bar contemporary lighting

chic kitchen modular designs white cabinets wood accents bar

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