Modern umbrella stand designs to decorate your home creatively

by Kremy

metal umbrella stand contemporaray design home accessories

Where do you store your umbrellas when not in use? In the crowded wardrobe? Do you store them somewhere and never find them when you actually need them? Perhaps, this is the reason why the umbrella stands were invented! We have collected some awesome and creative modern umbrella stand designs which are so cool and practical that they will make you feel good on rainy days.


Modern umbrella stand designs – different materials

modern umbrella stand design ideas glass umbrella stand


Modern umbrella stands feature original shapes and space saving designs and can be found in various colors and materials. They would be ideal for both home and office and besides being a functional and useful item they can be a decoration as well so you will not have to leave out your umbrella. Umbrella stands made of glass look really impressive and usually they are made of special glass which will not break if you dropped something accidentally. Metal stands may be more expensive, but are a part of the decor, and easily blend in every style of interior. Wood, leather, wrought iron, ceramic – all these materials can be used in the design of original umbrella stands.

Modern umbrella stands as an element of the interior

black metal umbrella stand geometric lines modern home interior ideas

For the comfortable atmosphere of any home accessories and decorative elements are of great importance. They are the extra touches in the overall decoration and without them any interior looks much poorer. Modern umbrella stands can add that little finishing touch in your hallway and make it look elegant, modern and sophisticated. If you choose the right color and design for your home, the umbrella stand will become a wonderful addition to your home.


umbrella stand modern home interior home accessories

 a colorful accent in the home decor

plastic umbrella modern design home interior ideas


Owl design white contemporary home accessories

An original design

modern designs metal creative furniture ideas

for the hallway

white metal modern home furniture

Stylish decor for the home or the office

modern umbrella stand design ideas home interior ideas

creative umbrella stands design home decoration home accessories

original stand designs home office

modern umbrella ideas hallway furniture ideas

 umbrella design white metal planters

modern designs metal stand drainage

modern umbrella design ideas steel

 design home office ideas

 umbrella design grass creative home decor ideas

marble home office decorating ideas

creative design home accessories ideas

cool umbrella designs yellow blue polyethylene

cool design ideas home decorating ideas

cool design deas contemporary home accessories

contemporary design corridor decor home interior

contemporary design coated steel white color



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