Napkin folding for Christmas: Learn how to fold napkins and surprise your family at the table!

by Anjelina

The tastefully arranged table cannot fail to make a good impression on everyone who sees it! The aesthetic delight to the eye is no less important than how good and tasty the dishes turned out to be! With Christmas approaching, we know that every housewife will do her best not only to cook delicious meals for her loved ones, but also to create a cozy and festive atmosphere! Carefully folded napkins will make the table memorable, so it’s worth putting some effort into that too! Napkins can be made from fabric, such as linen or cotton, or paper – they all can be used to create interesting designs. Today, we’re going to take a look at a few ideas for napkin folding for Christmas that we hope you’ll find useful and that you manage to get your guests in the festive mood even before they are seated at the table!

Napkin folding for Christmas – cute and easy ideas

how to fold napkins for christmas eve grey christmas tree napkin fold with gold ornament and cutlery

You don’t have to be perfect at origami techniques to learn how to fold beautiful napkins to surprise your guests with during the holiday dinner! In fact, it’s amazing how the magical atmosphere of Christmas night can be created using even ordinary paper napkins! However, if you have chosen cloth napkins, you will need to starch them after washing. This way they will keep their shape better! It only takes a few easy steps and every guest will enjoy a personalized beautiful napkin, so it’s worth every effort! And with a little practice, you can teach others how to fold napkins, too!

Christmas Tree

napkin folding for christmas green cloth napkin formed into a christmas tree


What other shape could be more appropriate than a Christmas tree when it comes to folding napkins? Here’s why we start with just such an idea! Christmas tree napkins are beautiful and are also very easy to make! They’re perfect for other winter holidays or birthdays as well! You can place them on plates and further decorate them with cute little bows or add star-shaped cookies. Don’t be afraid to improvise! Now let’s see how to make a Christmas star from a napkin, step by step!


  1. Fold a square cloth (or paper) napkin in half. Repeat once more.
  2. Then fold each napkin layer up, leaving equal spacing between each layer.
  3. Carefully flip the napkin over and fold the ends towards the center to make a triangle. Place a small weight, such as a cup or other heavy object, to help the napkin keep its shape better.
  4. Turn the napkin over and fold each layer of the napkin up in turn to make a Christmas tree.
  5. Decorate the Christmas tree with bows, star-shaped cookies or other small decorations (place little gifts at the bottom, for instance).

How to make a Christmas tree:

how to make christmas tree napkin step by step follow for easy making tutorial

Candle in glass

how to make candle technique placed in a tall champagne glass

Another wonderful object you can recreate using a napkin are candles! It is impossible to imagine holidays like Christmas and New Year without candles on the table. They symbolize light in the darkness, hope, and inner strength. It’s nice that besides lighting real candles on the table, you can also create ones out of napkins! They are also very easy to make, and if you place one in a tall wine or champagne glass, for example, it will create a very sophisticated atmosphere! The more candles, the better! Let’s see how to make them now!


  1. You will need a large square napkin. Place it on a flat surface.
  2. Fold it by taking one of its ends and placing it over the opposite one. You should end up with an isosceles triangle.
  3. Place the napkin so that the base of the triangle is facing you. Take both ends at the base and start to gently roll them towards the top of the triangle.
  4. Roll until you run out of fabric (paper). Fold through the middle and place the napkin in a tall champagne glass.
  5. Best of all, it won’t take long for guests to unfold and use the napkin!

Christmas star

christmas red star napkin fold poisenttia symbol of christmas approaching surprise your loved ones at the table

Our final napkin folding idea is to shape it like a Christmas star! It’s appearance in all florists’ shops is one of the sure signs that Christmas is approaching. The poinsettia, as the plant is commonly known, blooms at Christmastime and its bracts form the shape of a star. We’ll teach you how to fold paper napkins into the shape of stars yourself! It will take you only a few minutes. The star shape is easy to make, and the spectacular origami star will be an original decoration for any table.

You will need:

  • paper napkins
  • metal wire


  1. Open the napkin completely and fold the two opposite outer edges, guiding them towards the center.
  2. Turn the napkin and fold the two outer edges back toward the center. Repeat these steps. Fold the resulting rectangle in half along the center line – you should have a dense oblong strip. Now completely unfold the napkin.
  3. Fold the napkin into an accordion along the remaining fold lines. Unfold it again. Fold it into an accordion, but now in the opposite direction.
  4. Secure the resulting accordion of tissue in the middle, wrapping it with wire.
  5. Each corner of the napkin (and there should be four on each side of the accordion) fold inward at an angle of 45 degrees.

How to make a Christmas star:

how to make christmas star out of paper grey star technique for beginners origami

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