What Is the Old Money Bob 2024 Haircut Trend?

by Kristiyana

What is the old money bob? How to style this 2024 haircut trend? Who can wear it? 

old money bob hair ideas 2024

If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle to go with your quiet luxury wardrobe in 2024, we think the old money bob is just what you need. You might be thinking to yourself “oh sure, another bob haircut trend”, but trust us, this one can be adapted by anyone and will keep you looking fabulous for years ahead – it’s not your usual short fling summer hairstyle. What is the old money blonde? Who can wear it? Dive deep with us.

What Is the Old Money Bob Haircut?

what is the old money bob

Surely, shiny and healthy locks of hair have been taking the central stage in the quiet luxury aesthetic for some time now, but the old money bob is the epitome haircut to embody that wealthy hair look. This bob is characterized by thick, luxurious lengths usually cut not longer than slightly above the shoulders, finishing in blunt lines with minimal layering. An old money bob looks best either in warm blonde or expensive brunette, and can be cut and styled to fit any face shape. Hair stylists would recommend a length cut between the collarbone and jaw, with a middle or side parting. Yet, how to style the old money bob to get that polished 90s rich look?

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How to Style the Old Money Bob Hairstyle?

how to style the old money bob

The key to getting that ideal old money look with your bob, is that first your hair must have gone through proper care and maintenance to appear as healthy as possible. Follow a routine of washing your hair with a detox shampoo once a week to remove buildup. If you want to add glamorous 90s volume to your roots, apply a quality texturizing foam onto damp hair. For the perfect bouncy old money bob hairstyle, blow-drying the hair is a must. Use a large round ceramic barrel brush and complete the look with a shine spray for a glossy finish.

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Want to draw some old money bob inspiration for your next hair appointment? Find the haircut of your dreams with the top looks available on Instagram right here!

Sleek, but voluminous black old money bob hairstyle 

black old money bob haircut

Luxurious blonde bob with wispy bangs and flipped ends

old money bob hairstyle blonde

Shiny brunette old money bob hairstyle with curled retro ends

shiny old money bob with curled in ends

Short old money hairstyle with highlights, curled inwards

old money blonde bob

Voluminous brunette old money bob with bangs in a full style

old money bob with bangs

The perfect bob haircut for thick hair to look fabulous

old money bob haircut ideas 2024

Old money bob with curtain bangs for curly hair

black old money bob with bangs

The classic old money blonde hair color with a bob haircut

classic blonde old money bob haircut

Voluminous roots and curled ends for classy brunettes

brunette old money bob haircut

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