The 7 Outdated Hairstyles for Women Over 40 According to Experts

by Kristiyana

How should women in their 40s wear their hair? Which hairstyles should you avoid and are considered outdated?

oudated airstyles over 40 which to avoid

Have you been sporting the same haircut and hair color for years? That can be one of the first signs to convince you that maybe it’s time for a change. A lot of us women don’t really think too much about it, and once we decided on our preferred hairstyle when we were, let’s say 17, we’ve stuck with it even if hair trends have long changed since then. And without even considering the trends, with aging your hair texture changes, and the hairstyle you have grown so used to wearing for a whole lifetime now might not suit your face and style anymore. What to do in such a situation? Get familiar with the outdated hairstyles for women over 40 you should avoid!

The Outdated Hairstyles for Women Over 40

hairstyles over 40 that make you look older

Your hair length and color play a crucial role in the way you look. The right hair length for your age can make you look younger, while if you choose wrongly, you can unfortunately be mistaken for looking older than you really are. And who doesn’t hate that? To avoid any awkward and unpleasant situations for you in the future,’s editorial team has reached out to our hair experts in figuring out which are by far the most outdated hairstyles for women over 40. Here is our list:

Long, Flat, Straight Hair Makes You Look Older

long outdated flat hair over 40

Long, straight hair might have suited you in your 20s or even 30s, but with aging our hair tends to get thinner. Growing long lengths is not going to be the same, as the thick hair texture that you were once used to now just looks flat. An unhealthy hair look can age you, that’s why it would be best if you avoided hair below the shoulders after passing forty.

Thick, Blunt Bangs Are Outdated After 40

avoid blunt cut bangs

Thick, blunt bangs might have been your thing when you were younger, but hair experts warns women over 40 that wearing them now can draw attention to wrinkles. Bangs with sharp edges don’t frame the face well, and instead of emphasizing your cheekbones, they focus all eyes on crows feet or fine lines around the mouth.

Chunky & Exaggerated Highlights Are a No, No

chunky highlights oudated hairstyles over 40

Sure, a few chic highlights here and there can seamlessly blend with your existing hair color and add a youthful glow to your appearance. However, chunky and exaggerated highlights that are used to hide existing gray hairs will do you no favor whatsoever. They should be an accent to your hair, not an overprocess. If you still decide to get highlights, opt for a monthly single process color, and get them every three months.

Too Dark/Light Outdated Hairstyles for Women Over 40

avoid too dark or too light of a hair color over 40

Will black hair make you look younger or older? Ah, the question almost any woman has asked herself when wanting to dye her hair. After passing a certain age, a too dark or too light hair color can dramatically age you. The unnatural shade can throw off your skin tone and draw further attention to skin discoloration and fine lines. When changing your hair color after 40, best to ask your colorist for advice on which one would best suit you.

A blunt cut of any type is very outdated for a woman over 40

avoid blunt haircuts

Bouffants make everyone look older, but especially women over 40

bouffants are oudated for women over 40

The exaggerated A-line bob is quite outdated when it comes to mature women

the exaggerated a line bob is oudated

Frizzy and choppy ends make you look older

frizzy and choppy hair ages you over 40

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