Oval kitchen island – complement the interior with elegant curved lines

by Kremy

gray kitchen cabinets and beautiful oval island

Despite the fact that we are used to islands with classic square or rectangular shape which utilize the available space, we want to focus your attention to the beauty and elegance of curved lines. An oval kitchen island can be just as spectacular, if not more, than the traditionally shaped islands and it can be a great centerpiece in both traditional and modern interior design.

To many people an island is nothing more than a compact piece of furniture located in the center of the kitchen. From a design point of view, this furniture piece provides numerous opportunities for creativity. Functionality and convenience are important, of course, but an oval kitchen island will most likely become the main focus of your kitchen.

What are the pros and cons of an oval kitchen island?

minimalist white kitchen design with oval island


Modern home interior designs allow you to dream. You can see islands of any shape, even the most bizarre. The shape of the island does not affect its practicality and functionality. Perhaps the cost of such a project will be somewhat bigger than the cost of a conventional one but you will get a unique design that will resonate in the heart of the household. Kitchen islands come in many variations – they can be used as an additional dining space, cooking area, storage space, etc.

An oval kitchen island offers one huge advantage – it does not have sharp corners and this is of great significance for families with small children due to the fact that such a design will be safer.

contemporary oval kitchen islands accent ceiling pendant lamps

Another important advantage is that the oval shape does not look as massive as a rectangular or square one. Homeowners can choose between different variations – round, crescent or round island, depending on the shape and size of their kitchen.

Another plus of the oval shape is the ability to place more people by simply adding a few more chairs, and at the same time everyone will be equally comfortable. This is impossible to do with a rectangular island since it is very uncomfortable to sit at the corner.

What do you need to consider when you choose an oval kitchen island?

breakfast nook ideas oval kitchen island with storage cabinets

Round and oval kitchen islands may have different design features but you need to make sure that the model you chose blends harmoniously with the overall style of the room.

Oval shape is elegant, it adds visual interest to the interior and is ideal for designs in modern, contemporary and even in traditional style. An oval kitchen island will be a great addition to interiors in classic, Provencal, English style designs and ultramodern materials allow you to create original solutions and use them in minimalist or futuristic interiors.

oval kitchen island contemporary design and decor ideas wall and floor tiles

People have long noticed how the shape of the objects around us can affect the general mood. Curved lines and oval shapes “blur” the borders and help those who are gathered around to feel to relax and feel more at ease. What could be more important for your home environment? Here are some excellent examples how to incorporate an oval kitchen island in a variety of interior designs.

traditional kitchen with antique stove and oval island with wood countertop

rustic kitchen antique stove curved island with solid wood countertop

pros and cons of oval kitchen island

oval kitchen island with seating white cabinets

oval kitchen island with open shelves traditional style interior

oval kitchen islands contemporary desing ideas

contemporary interiors oval kitchen island design ideas

modern kitchen with oval island and seating

contemporary home interior modern curved island

kitchen island design ideas oval shape house extension designs

futuristic kitchen furniture design oval island

Curved island and cabinets modern home

black island with oval shape contemporary home ideas

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