Pedestal Sink Storage and Organization Ideas – Use the Available Space

by Kremy

Pedestal sink storage and organization ideas will help you make the most of the available space in your bathroom. We all know how important storage space is. However, if you have a pedestal sink, it is very likely that you have limited storage options.

Pedestal Sink Storage and Organization Ideas Use the Available Space

The most important piece of equipment in any bathroom is the sink. Pedestal sinks are a popular choice for small bathrooms as they offer many advantages. Despite the simplicity of design, they look very stylish and beautiful. The compact design takes up very little space, which is essential for small or tiny spaces. In addition, pedestal sinks come in various designs, colors, shapes and sizes which means you can incorporate them in many decor styles – classic, industrial, modern, etc.

Quick and Easy DIY Pedestal Sink Storage and Organization Ideas

DIY Pedestal Sink Storage and Organization Ideas


When it comes to pedestal sink storage and organization ideas, you can solve the lack of space in several ways. Those who love DIY projects can get creative and make some shelves or a fabric sink curtain.

Pedestal Sink Shelves

Pedestal Sink Shelves

Adding shelves under the sink immediately solves the storage space problem. Shelves are a great addition to any bathroom and provide easy access to all the things that you use daily – hair brushes, hair styling products, etc. Depending on the style of your bathroom interior you can opt for wooden or glass shelves. They can be purchased at stores and all you need to do is mount them around (and possibly above) the pedestal sink. If you are not keen on DIY solutions, many stores offer shelves that are suitable for pedestal sinks and you can find models made of wood, stainless steel or other materials.

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DIY Pedestal Sink Skirt

DIY Pedestal Sink Skirt

A fabric sink skirt will allow you to utilize the space under the pedestal sink and at the same time hide any unsightly storage. Choose fabric that complements the colors in your bathroom interior and you will have a charming decorative element. You can even use a shower curtain to make things even easier!

Add Storage Baskets under the Sink

Add Storage Baskets under the Sink

Another great solution to use the space under a pedestal sink is to add storage baskets. Wooden, plastic or wicker baskets will save you from unwanted clutter. Freestanding compact bathroom furniture is always a good option as you can choose the size and design suitable for your place. You can even combine a shelving system with tall narrow cabinets on both sides of the sink.

Pedestal Sink Storage and Organization Ideas – Cabinets and Metal Bathroom Organizers

under Sink Storage Racks and Organizers

From simple towel bars to tiered storage shelves and cabinets, there are many options to organize the space under your pedestal sink.

Wrap-Around under Sink Storage Racks and Organizers

bathroom storage and organization ideas

The market offers especially designed under sink storage racks that look modern and sleek. They allow you to add extra storage space in your small bathroom. They are compact, easy to assemble with just a screwdriver and will accommodate toiletries, cosmetics, shampoo bottles and other bathroom supplies.

Pedestal sink cabinets

Pedestal Sink Cabinets Bathroom Organizers

Pedestal sink cabinets come in a variety of designs and sizes. This is a great solution for using the space as cabinets can hide all the clutter in a bathroom. Such cabinets are specifically designed to fit around a pedestal sink and are equipped with shelves and/or drawers.



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