10 Perfumes That Attract Men Like a Magnet: The Top Choices of Sensual Ladies

by Kremy

Which perfume attracts men most? What are the scents that men find most seductive? These are one of the most often asked questions and we have the answers! Of course, we all know that a perfume is a reflection of personality, and it will have a different scent on every woman. “The best color in the world is the one that looks good on you,” said the great Coco Chanel, whose Chanel No. 5 perfume remains a bestseller almost a century later. The same principle applies to fragrances. The best perfume is the one that smells great on you. Find out the TOP 10 perfumes that attract men like a magnet!

10 Perfumes That Attract Men and Make You Irresistible

perfumes that attract men and make you irresistible

Now, there is not a single answer to this question as different scents work for different people. However, perfume manufacturers know that there are some universal aromas that excite the stronger sex: the combination of moderately sweet or fresh flowers, perfumes with rose scent in oriental style as well as fruity fragrances. Of course, all this is very individual, and there are men that love musk, coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. Why these fragrances are so attractive to men? For example, vanilla is known for its sweetness and warmth while citrus fruits are very attractive with their freshness and energy. Cinnamon is a sensual blend of sweetness and spice that creates a sense of coziness and sandalwood is a mysterious and alluring scent that attracts attention. So, if you are looking for a new, seductive fragrance, check out these 10 perfumes that attract men like a magnet.

Nomade by Chloé

what fragrances do men like on women nomade by chloe

Top notes: Mirabel Plum, Bergamot, Lemon and Orange

Middle notes: Freesia, Peach, Jasmine and Rose;

Base notes: Oak Moss, Patchouli, Amberwood, White Musk and Sandalwood

A delicate perfume that leaves an unforgettable impression, The top notes of the Mirabel Plum are sweet and intense, and the intoxicating fragrance is balanced by the tenderness of the feminine freesia. The base adds depth, sensuality and sophistication to the overall composition.

My Burberry Black by Burberry

top perfumes that turn men on my burberry black

Top notes: Jasmine

Middle notes: Rose, Peach

Base notes: Patchouli, Amber

An exciting perfume for confident women! The delicate fragrance of rose and jasmine merge with the sensual amber and patchouli. The intoxicating blend creates a scent with depth and sex appeal. The bottle has a specific amber color and is finished with a hand-tied black gabardine knot.

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

velvet orchid by tom ford perfumes that men like on women

Top notes: rum, honey, bergamot

Middle notes: Turkish rose oil, heliotrope, narcissus, magnolia, orchid, jasmine

Base notes: myrrh, sandalwood, suede, labdanum, vanilla

Velvet Orchid is a feminine fragrance filled with sensuality. The composition is a continuation of the popular perfume Black Orchid. Having retained the characteristic style, the fragrance has become more seductive and luxurious. This bold oriental-floral composition is a real charming potion that no man will be able to resist. The combination of rum and honey wraps with a delicate, refined haze.

Floriental by Comme des Garcons

floriental by comme des garcons top perfumes that attract men

Top notes: pink pepper, plum

Middle notes: labdanum

Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver

Floriental is elegant, stylish and sophisticated. Its composition skillfully combines vetiver, plum, pink pepper, labdanum and sandalwood. The mysterious, intense fragrance remains among the favorites of people who appreciate unusual scents.

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Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

which perfumes attract men most libre by yves saint laurent

Top notes: lavender, orange, currant and petitgrain oil

Middle notes: orange blossom and jasmine

Base notes: Madagascar vanilla, amber, musk and cedar

The freshness of lavender is combined with the sensual orange blossom. A bold floral fragrance with contrasting scents and herbal undertones. Libre is the perfect choice of strong women who value freedom above all.

You by Glossier

you by glossier perfumes for women

Top notes: Pink pepper, Iris

Base Notes: Ambretta seeds, Ambrox

The warm, sparkling notes of ambrox, ambrette, musk, iris and pink pepper transform and unfold differently for everyone. The perfume is delicate, pleasant and you’ll feel the creamy undernote while wearing it.

La Panthere by Cartier

luxury perfumes that attract men la panthere by cartier

Top notes: rhubarb, strawberry, dried fruits, bergamot, aniseed

Middle notes: gardenia, orange blossom, pear, rose, ylang-ylang

Base notes: musk, oakmoss, patchouli

La Panthere is a symbol of freedom and the independent, rebellious spirit of woman. The fragrance is bold, sensual and memorable. It’s not a coincidence that La Panthere is a top choice of women with class and style for almost a decade.

By the fireplace by Maison Margiela

perfumes men love on women by the fireplace by maison margiela

Top notes: pepper, orange blossom, cloves

Middle notes: chestnut, juniper oil

Base notes: vanilla, Peruvian balsam, cashmeran

If you love winter evenings by the fire, this is your perfume! The smoky scent of burning wood is combined with the aroma of roasted chestnuts while the vanilla notes enhance the feeling of warmth and coziness.

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Rolling in Love by Kilian

best perfumes to attract a man rolling in love by kilian

The key notes of Rolling in Love by Kilian are almond milk, iris, musk. The charming, stylish and sensual fragrance is versatile and you will notice the mix of ambrette and almond milk wrapped around the vanilla and tuberose.

For her by Narciso Rodriguez

perfume that attracts guys for her by narciso rodriguez

Top notes: rose and peach

Middle notes: musk and amber

Base notes: patchouli and sandalwood

For her by Narciso Rodriguez is soft, gentle and sophisticated creating a feeling of a velvety embrace. It is one of those perfumes that attract men as it is designed for ladies who love to catch the eye.

what perfume do men find seductive

In conclusion, we have to say that in the world of perfumes there is a huge variety of options that attract men. Every woman knows that the right perfume is a powerful aphrodisiac. Perfumes that attract men van be captivating and have a magical effect on men.

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