How to Personalize Your Wardrobe with Inexpensive DIY Clothing Ideas

by Kremy

A personalized wardrobe can expand your clothing options while letting your creativity run free. You don’t have to put up with whatever the designer gives you. Want some cool pockets, you can cut them up. What’s even cooler is if you add some custom clothing items to your wardrobe as well. Custom clothes are the ultimate way of wardrobe personalization. Here are some ways you can personalize your wardrobe with inexpensive DIY clothing.

DIY Custom Design Ideas

Custom t-shirts

DIY Custom T shirt Design Ideas

The t-shirts don’t cost a lot but are an essential part of every wardrobe. If you buy your tees from a good store, you can buy them in bulk and have a range of tees. The question here is, what would you do with so many shirts? Well, customize them. The best way to personalize your wardrobe is to make custom clothes. Once you have the T-shirts, you can work on their designs and get them printed by sending the designs to a print-on-demand store.

You can do the designing part yourself, either using a third-party app or a design tool provided by the outlet or have a professional do the designing by giving them some input. Use pictures of your favorite band or TV show, your own pictures, your pet’s photos, or your family photos to make them truly unique to you. You can also use personal texts or inside jokes to make things even better.

Custom hoodies

how to customize your clothes

Much like custom t-shirts, you can also take a look at custom hoodies. Here, you can choose the fabric style and look through various design options to choose the one you deem best. Printful hoodies are an affordable and stylish way of personalizing your wardrobe. Use the design tool to select the images, texts, colors, and other design elements to come up with a personal design and get it printed on the hoodie. There are no restrictions, as you are the designer of your hoodie, so you can let your imagination run free and use any picture or text for the template. You can also check Pinterest for some inspiration if this is your first time making a design for a custom clothing item.

Other DIY Hacks

Personalize Your Wardrobe with Inexpensive DIY Clothing Ideas

For an inexpensive wardrobe, you can use some DIY hacks and make the most of the clothes you already have rather than spending money on something new. Here are some DIY hacks that you can use on your current selection to save yourself some cash on further spending.

Shorten them

You can turn an old dress into a cool top

You can turn an old dress into a cool top or a pair of pants into shorts by just cutting them. If a dress has become too short for you, you can cut it up further and don it as a top with a pair of jeans and be good to go. From an inch to five, you can shorten your clothes as much as you want to give them a new look. Now you have a brand-new top without spending a dime on it!

Cut it up

Personalize Your Clothes DIY Ideas

Cutting and snipping your clothes and using the scraps elsewhere is also an excellent way to DIY clothing. You can also cut the collar of your top and turn it into an off-shoulder. If you want to go a step further, you can also get a custom design printed on the cut-up clothing. That’s another way of personalizing your clothes through DIY means.

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