Pool Towel Storage Ideas – How to Choose the Best Outdoor Towel Rack

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A pool towel is our number one accessory when we want to spend a day relaxing by the water. Whether you invite friends to a pool party or simply spend time with your family, extra dry towels are a must. We also need to store dry towels somewhere. Baskets, boxes, crates, DIY towel racks, outdoor cabinets – there are so many pool towel storage ideas that it can be quite challenging to select the best option.

What are the Important Features of Pool Towel Storage?

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Everyone who has a pool knows that having extra towels near the pool is really important. Otherwise kids or guests will have to go in and out of the house leaving wet trails which can be dangerous and someone may slip and on the other hand, damage your wood flooring. Having towels outside near the pool is an excellent solution because everyone has easy access to dry towels.

Pool Towel Storage Ideas what is the Best Outdoor Towel Rack


When choosing a rack or cabinet, you need to know what exactly you need and the main features of outdoor pool towel storage. Here are some characteristics that will help you choose among the many options:

Portability and Lightweight

Outdoor towel storage ideas Pool Mesh Bin Rolling Cart

Why are these features important? Simply because you may change the place of your pool towel storage during the day and move a towel rack to a sunnier spot. In addition, when summer is over, you will need to move the rack indoors for the winter season.


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We mentioned that lightweight is an important feature of pool towel racks. However, they need to be stable as well, because when you hang towels to the poles, the rack may tip over. It is advisable to look for a model that has a hollow base which can be filled with water for extra stability. Freestanding towel racks on legs should be sturdy and stable. Such models do not have the option for adding weight at the bottom, so you need to choose carefully.

Size, Hanging Area and Storage Space

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The market offers many pool towel rack designs which come in a variety of sizes and space for hanging. Make sure that the model is large enough so that hanged towels are not too close together and air can circulate around. This is important because you wouldn’t want to grab a wet or damp towel. Modern racks with varying pole height are a good solution as they provide a lot of space and good airflow.

If you choose an outdoor cabinet or a deck box, the size will determine the storage space. A bigger model allows you to store not only pool towels but other accessories as well which is great because your deck will not look cluttered.


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When you choose outdoor pool towel storage, the material is hugely important, as it should be able to withstand the weather conditions, changes in temperature, moisture, etc. Any outdoor furniture, including pool towel storage racks or cabinets, should be made of materials that to not rust or corrode, warp or swallow in wet weather and will not be affected by sun’s rays. PVC, stainless steel, bamboo, teak wood, cedar, wicker, rattan – these are suitable materials for outdoor furniture.

Pool Towel Storage Ideas – What are the Most Popular Options?

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Pool towel storage ideas vary from simple DIY solutions to outdoor racks and cabinets in various sizes, colors and designs.

Storage Containers

What are the Important Features of Pool Towel Storage

This is the simplest pool towel storage solution. You can use any type of storage box or even make one by yourself from a wooden crate. Whether you choose plastic containers, a metal bucket or wicker baskets, wire baskets, the extra towels will be at hand at any moment.

Outdoor Pool Towel Storage Cabinets

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An outdoor pool towel storage cabinet will be a great addition to the poolside area. It can be an element of your outdoor décor and combine appearance and functionality. A great advantage of pool storage cabinets and boxes is that they protect your towels from the elements and you do not need to bring everything inside in case of rainy weather.

Freestanding Pool Towel Rack

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Freestanding pool towel racks come in two versions – with or without a folding option. The market offers numerous options to choose from. The advantage of folding towel racks is that you can set it up and fold it back up every day.

Wall Mounted Towel Racks

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This is a great space saving solution for small backyards where the deck area is not that big. That option is excellent for DIY project fans as you can use reclaimed or driftwood and original hangers to make a unique towel rack. The only drawback of this option is that you cannot store your towels for a long time as they are exposed to dust, moisture, and rain.

Outdoor Benches and Seats with Storage Space

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Garden benches and seats with storage are multipurpose furniture pieces. They combine practicality and functionality and are very convenient to use. You can store the pool towels for a long time because they are not exposed to elements. Choose lightweight, water-resistant outdoor furniture with storage which can withstand any weather conditions.


DIY Pool Towel Rack and Storage ideas

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