Retaining wall ideas – concrete planters as a supporting structure in garden

by Kremy

retaining wall ideas planter boxes concrete planters flowers

Retaining wall ideas are usually thought of as a landscape element or a structure which is useful, practical and efficient. Natural stone, boulder, even wood and brick retaining walls have an aesthetic value as well. However, we would like to show you an original idea that will transform any outdoor space into a special and pleasant place which adds the freshness and vibrant colors of green and blooming plants. Planter boxes come in various styles, shapes, sizes, colors and can be made from many materials – wood, plastic, stone, wine barrels, cinder blocks, etc. It may sound unusual, but a retaining wall design with concrete planter boxes adds tremendous charm and character to any outdoor space.

Retaining wall ideas – spectacular and cheap retaining wall ideas

retaining wall ideas cinder block concrete planters


Retaining wall ideas and designs help you increase the usable outdoor space, prevent soil erosion, hold back hillsides or steep slopes and many landscape companies can help you with various ideas, project, planning and construction. If you prefer a DIY project, a cinder block is just as good option as the concrete planter retaining wall. You can customize it not only to the desired height, but you can also combine planters with different colors and add a variety of plants which will add texture and character itself. Concrete planters can be round, rectangular, oval or any other shape and you can choose between a variety of colors – gray, beige, brown, brick red and you can choose a uniform color for your planter boxes retaining wall or combine different colors and create a unique garden design, a beautiful accent and a powerful decorative element in the garden.

Retaining wall ideas – make the most of the cheap

rustic exterior retaining wall ideas cinder block

Building a gardem structure can be a costly project depending on the size, the terrain, the materials and the particularities of the plot. When you are looking for budget friendly retaining wall ideas, original green one is an excellent solution. It will be a great visual accent in a large garden, a useful as a decoration in a small city garden or even a vegetable or herb garden option for a small patio. A major advantage of this particular design is that it can be built easily at an affordable cost.

retaining wall ideas cinder block concrete planters

Choosing suitable plants for your gardening will depend on the local climate. Generally, concrete planter boxes are suitable for drought-tolerant plants, perennials, as well as various blooming plants and ornamental grasses. Geraniums, columbine, anemones, daffodils, ivy, phlox, bellflowers, Clematis, climbing vines – all these are suitable plants for a garden structure and will add to the visual appeal of the outdoor place.

retaining wall ideas cinder block rectangular planters

The concrete planters will work well with modern, rustic or Mediterranean style. Depending on the overall exterior design style, you can choose the colors of your planters to match the existing décor or you can create visual accents.

small retaining wall ideas cinder block planter boxes patio deck

ring planting concrete set landscaping ideas

ring planting concrete retaining wall design ideas gray planters

ring planting concrete planters landscaping retaining ideas

ring planting garden landscaping lawn garden

retaining wall ideas concrete oval planters garden

retaining wall ideas cinder blocks gray red garden decorating

retaining wall ideas cinder block small garden flowers

 red begonias retaining wall ideas cinder block concrete planters

retaining wall ideas cinder block concrete planters garden decor

retaining wall ideas cinder block wall blooming flowers

retaining wall ideas cinder block concrete planter boxes

retaining wall cinder block affordable

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cheap retaining cinder block wall

affordable cinder block wall

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