Retro Kitchen Designs 2023: 18 Ideas to Create the Vintage Kitchen of Your Dreams

by Kristiyana

It’s Spring, and you know what that means…time for some renovation! Spring season is the perfect time to update your home with some fabulous and fresh interior design ideas. Or maybe one’s that are not even that fresh… I am talking retro vibes! I personally adore anything retro and vintage related, from music, to fashion and even home designs. A retro style can refer to something that is outdated, but it also calls to things that are classic and will never go out of style. Likewise, I think spring 2023 gives you the perfect excuse to create the retro kitchen of your dreams. Are you with me?

How can I make my kitchen look retro?

retro pastel kitchen design

There are plenty of ways in which you can create a beautiful retro-inspired style kitchen. As a start, you have to pick the theme you will go with. It can be a trendy pastel-coloured kitchen like this one, or a two-toned design like sunny yellow and white, or light blue and white. Or maybe you want to go for the full-on 90s inspired wooden kitchen design? It’s all up to you! After you have chosen your theme, build from there on. Start small with kitchen decorations and cookware, and move up to appliances, vintage tile flooring, bold colours, etc. If you are having trouble with picturing your dream vintage kitchen, we have plenty of designs to draw inspiration from. Just have a look!

Vintage and retro kitchen designs 2023

yellow white and blue retro kitchen


Starting first with this charming and adorable retro kitchen design, opt for lemon yellow kitchen cabinets and chairs to go with them. A statement blue wall with some vintage tile work would fit right in with the yellows and whites of this design.

Retro hanging kitchen lights

retro pendant lighting

If you watch a lot of vintage movies and tend to notice details, you must have seen these hanging lava lamps in a lot of the kitchens featured there. To create a simple retro appeal in your own kitchen, install similar lights in a colour which would complement the surrounding space.

Bold statement kitchen flooring

light blue and white checkered floor

A cool retro-inspired statement flooring can also create an amazing look for your new kitchen. Chequered tiles have a classic vintage look. You can go with the timeless black and white, or try something more creative and opt for baby blue and white tiles.

Greenery for a vintage look

vintage kitchen design with plants

In need of more easy ideas to bring some retro vibes into your kitchen this spring? Can’t have it easier than filling your kitchen with greenery. Bring in your favourite plants and place some in hanging macramé planters. Create a relaxing vintage design similar to the rustic kitchen in this image.

Retro bar stools design 2023

bar stools kitchen design

Do you like me, love the kitchen bar look? Bar stools in a retro design with vibrant colours can really give that authentic vintage feel to your kitchen. Perfect for inviting guests over for a cocktails night.

Funky mosaic to spice up your kitchen

colourful tile work kitchen

If you don’t want to go with a full-on paint job or change the whole flooring to get the retro aesthetic, you can simply opt for a one-of-a-kind mosaic tile pattern. Such will create a groovy look for your cooking space, and can be styled to complement the rest of the kitchen interior.

90s inspired retro kitchen idea

90 wooden kitchen idea

Doesn’t this kitchen make you go back to those visits to your grandparents’ as a kid? If you are feeling nostalgic for those times, create a lovely and homey 90s-inspired wooden kitchen like this one. You can even just simply paint the cabinets in a wood colour paint to resemble that retro look.

White & wood retro Boho kitchen

vintage kitchen wallpaper ideas 2023

Do you like the white and wood kitchen look? This design seems to be among the most popular for 2023. And if you want to have a completely unique kitchen interior, why not combine two styles into one, and create a retro Boho kitchen? The retro accents and Bohemian touches blend in remarkably here.

Retro-inspired kitchen accessories

retro kitchen decorations

Looking for more ways to add a subtle retro vibe to your kitchen? Try switching up your kitchen accessories. Buy new plates and glasses that make you feel like you are in your favourite movie from the 80s. Ikea is bound to have some great options on vintage dinnerware.

The Coca-Cola kitchen design

coca cola kitchen design

I don’t know about you, but I immediately fell in love with this kitchen interior the moment I laid eyes on it. The Coca-Cola brand has been around since the 1880s. Nothing says retro like incorporating bright reds and coke-coloured accents throughout your kitchen.

Hippie vibes kitchen idea 2023

hippie kitchen aesthetic 70s plants wooden

If you are a person who feels close to nature, and wishes they could have visited Woodstock, then you will love this retro kitchen interior design. This hippie kitchen is a blend of bold colour-palettes, wood, cool tile work, greenery and a unique accessories game.

More vintage and retro kitchen designs

vintage kitchen ideas 2023

Unique and creative retro mosaic tile work accent

mosaic accent wall vintage kitchen ideas

The right shade of blue can create your retro heaven

retro blue kitchen ideas

A statement retro kitchen appliance can be enough

retro kitchen appliances red fridge

Retro diner-inspired kitchen design 2023

retro diner kitchen idea

Maximalist vintage kitchen idea

checkered tiles kitchen floor

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