What is a Short Butterfly Haircut? – The BIGGEST TikTok Hairstyle Trend of Summer 2023!

by Stephanie Yankova

Are you thinking about getting a hair makeover? Have you made the decision to part ways with your long locks this summer? A new TikTok hair trend has arrived just in time to give us our most fabulous hair of the season! Volume, layers, and femme fatale bangs – the short butterfly haircut has it all! 

curly hair short butterfly haircut shoulder length summer trend 2023


What is a Short Butterfly Haircut?

The butterfly haircut dates all the way back to the 1920s and made a later comeback in the 1960s. It was originally known as “the Parisian cut” and was one of the most popular hairstyles amongst models from Europe all the way to the U.S. At the beginning it was predominately cut on short hair. One of the most famous and recognizable examples is that of Marilyn Monroe. The butterfly haircut is a structured hairdo with short layers at the top section of your head that gives you volume at the roots. It has soft longer layers in the middle which adds to the volume of this haircut and makes it really easy to style and maintain.

What Face Shape Suits a Butterfly Haircut?

The beauty of the butterfly haircut is that it can be easily cut to suit all face shapes. The layered structure of the hairdo also allows it to be tailored to all hair textures and lengths! Here’s how you can adapt the butterfly hairstyle to your face shape:

  • Oblong/Oval Face – You can experiment with a longer cut and wispy bangs that will help frame your face and draw attention to the middle section of your face.
  • Round/Heart-Shaped Face – A butterfly haircut with French or side bangs is best suited for your face shape! Depending on the length of your neck, a shoulder-length cut might be the optimal choice for you!
  • Square/Triangular Face – To make the sharp lines on your face appear softer, there is one solution – lots of layers! Curtain bangs and a below-the-shoulder cut will help give your face a more rounded and feminine appearance.

Short Butterfly Haircut Ideas 2023

short butterfly haircut curtain bangs summer hair trend 2023


The short butterfly haircut is a stunning alternative to the classic layered bob. It allows the natural texture of your hair to come through and looks flawless with minimal styling! The curtain bangs and short front layers create the illusion of a wing-like appearance reminiscent of that of a butterfly. It enhances and highlights your facial features by gently framing your face and drawing attention to the center of your face. It gives you dimension and volume for days while also making your face appear slimmer!

Short Butterfly Haircut with Side Bangs

ruby red wavy short hair butterfly haircut side bangs oval face shape

This alluring ruby red butterfly haircut on short wavy hair is the absolute it-girl look of the summer! It’s playful, edgy and allows your natural beauty to really shine through! The side bangs are ideal if you have a heart-shaped face as they will make your forehead appear slimmer. This structure of the butterfly cut is especially flattering if you have wavy hair texture. It allows your natural waves to take up their shape without any styling and gives you an effortlessly chic tousled look.

Short Butterfly Haircut for Thin Hair

short butterfly cut square face shape summer hair trend 2023

Are you wondering how to make your thin hair appear more voluminous? The short haircut will give you dimension, texture, and structure like no other hairdo you’ve had before! Add soft layers and curl them inwards to achieve a face-framing effect that adds volume not only at the top but also on the sides of your hair!

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Short Butterfly Haircut for Straight Hair

butterfly cut straight hair feathered bangs layers

Are you tired of having your straight hair fall flat on your head? Well, it’s time you say ‘goodbye’ to this unflattering look and say ‘hello’ to a modern new appearance! The gradual layers and wispy bangs of the butterfly haircut will add structure and dimension to your hair. This haircut is especially suitable for people with round faces. It will elongate your neck and give your face a slimmer appearance!

Short Butterfly Haircut with Curtain Bangs

shoulder length butterfly haircut naturakl ginger hair layered bangs

Adding curtain bangs to your butterfly cut is a stunning way to embody that classic 70s model look! They will soften your facial features and make your face appear slimmer and longer. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who have a square or triangular face shape!

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Shoulder-Length Butterfly Haircut with Textured French Bangs

pink short butterfly haircut women over 40 wispy bangs

Want to add even more volume and dimension to your haircut? Textured French bangs are the way to go! The soft layers of this type of bangs adds volume to the front and side sections of your face. If you’re someone with sharp facial features, this is a great way to soften them down and make your face appear more round.


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