Short Hair with Curtain Bangs: Ideas for Short Haircuts that Look Amazing with Curtain Bangs!

by Anjelina

Short hair will never go out of style, rest assured. Millions of women around the world prefer it for the fresh, youthful look it gives. Short haircuts come in many types, but they look somehow better when combined with bangs. And not just any bangs, but the currently fashionable curtain bangs. In today’s article, we’ll show you lots of ideas for short hair with curtain bangs to get you inspired for your next visit to the hairdresser!

What are the benefits of short haircuts?

short hair with curtain bangs trends 2023

By choosing a short hairstyle, every lady instantly turns into a stylish and charming person. Undoubtedly, long hair is beautiful, but there is something very modern and bold about short haircuts that attracts more and more women of all ages.

blunt bob with long curtain bangs short dark hair


Are there other advantages? Of course! Short hair rejuvenates, adds uniqueness and charisma, and besides, it allows you to experiment with colors (like pastel or bright ones, for example) that create an even more trendy look!

Trending Curtain Bangs

short blunt cut with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have been attracting fashion lovers like a magnet for several years in a row. Whether you are brunette or blonde, with straight, wavy or very curly hair, this type of bangs will suit you! It tends to elongate the face (that’s why it is recommended to those with oval or round faces) and it also conceals the forehead and some flaws that may be associated with it (wrinkles, being too big, etc.)

Short Hair with Curtain Bangs: Ideas for Hairstyles and Cuts

short bob hairstyle with curtain bangs

In the following lines, you will see many suggestions for short haircuts with curtain bangs, as well as some great styling ideas. Definitely the combination of short hair and curtain bangs is worth trying as it is unique, trendy and stylish. Now let’s see the looks we have prepared for you!

Short Layered Bob with Curtain Bangs

short layered bob with curtain bangs

We can’t help but start with the fabulous bob in layers, which combined with curtain bangs looks more than stunning. Layers are suitable for both thin hair (as they add volume) and thick hair (as they shape and remove excess weight). Bangs, on the other hand, enhance the beauty of the haircut and blend wonderfully with the rest of the hair.

Mullet Cut with Short Curtain Bangs

short mullet cut with short curtain bangs

If you want to keep up with the trends, it’s definitely worth trying the short mullet with short curtain bangs. This haircut of the 1970s, is especially popular today as we see many celebrities choosing it and wearing it with pride. When paired with bangs it adds even more personality which is often a sought after effect for many ladies.

Short Curly Hair

short curly hair and bangs natural look

Naturally, curly hair is beautiful and if yours is, you should definitely give short hairstyles a chance – besides looking stunningly good, you’ll be able to maintain your hair much easier (we know how hard it is to tame lush curly hair sometimes). Add curtain bangs to highlight your best facial features! In fact, even if your hair is naturally straight, there are many methods to achieve this cute look – both heat and heatless, so it’s definitely worth trying to curl your hair really tight!

Pixie Cut and Long Curtain Bangs

pixie cut with long curtain bangs

Long curtain bangs would look great even with a very short pixie cut. If it’s not a problem for you, but on the contrary – you love very short hairstyles, then it’s definitely worth trying this combination. Long bangs will add a very feminine and modern touch to your hairstyle.

French Bob

french bob with short curtain bangs trendy look

In general, whichever variety of bob haircut you go for, it would pair great with curtain bangs. But lately, it seems like the French bob is finding its way to charm us again. The short chin length, curled ends and cute bangs suggest a casual yet very stylish look with a Parisian twist.

Layered Short Haircut with Curtain Bangs in Pastel Pink

short layered haircut with curtain bangs in pastel pink

Short layered hairstyles, especially with curtain bangs, are suitable for experimenting with a variety of colors and dyeing techniques. In May 2023, for example, pastel shades will be back in fashion, so why not try refreshing your look with something like this? We guarantee you’ll get lots of positive comments and add personality and character to your look.

Short Shag Cut and Curtain Bangs

short shag cut and curtain bangs

Choppy layers and lots of volume – this is definitely what the shag cut is about. Even the shorter versions look amazing, especially when complemented by curtain bangs. They blend in wonderfully with the rest of your hair and draw the attention to the top of your head, which will inevitably make your eyes and cheekbones stand out.

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