Shoulder Length Hair Long Bangs: Haircut Ideas for a Summer Transformation!

by Gabby

Are you thinking if you should cut your hair short, or leave it long for the Spring/Summer season? I got some news for you! You don’t have to do either. If you don’t want to go through a drastic change, you can simply choose a shoulder-length haircut that will look amazing on you. How to make it super trendy? Add bangs that will frame your face! Today we are going to talk about shoulder length hair long bangs that will give you the transformation you need! Let’s dive into today’s topic!

Shoulder Length Hair Long Bangs: Haircut Ideas for a Summer Transformation!

shoulder length hair long bangs hairstyle ideas for the summer 2023

Shoulder-length hair have gained a lot of popularity recently, because it can give you the best of both worlds! It is as trendy as the bob haircut and it is easy to style, as the long length hair. You may have heard about the lob, which is essentially this type of hair length. Today we are going to inspire you with some haircuts that you can adapt this Spring/Summer 2023. Let’s check out which bangs will go best with your shoulder-length cut.

Shoulder Length Hair with Long Curtain Bangs

shoulder length hair with long curtain bangs


If we are going to talk about a long bob and bangs, we have to mention the curtain bangs first. They are the best when it comes to framing the face nicely and making your facial features softer and more feminine. If your shoulder-length hair has layers, they will add dimension to the cut and make it look more sophisticated. The best way to style it? Try making scandi waves that all the “it girls” are wearing.

Shoulder Length Hair with Long Layers and Bangs

shoulder length hair with long layers and bangs

How to wear a Lob haircut in 2023? Add long bangs and layers to spice things up! If you think that shoulder-length hair will not allow you to cut layers, we might prove you wrong with this picture. The ideal length of the top layer should end above your chin and the bottom layer should end right where your shoulder is. For this type of cut, curtain or side swept bangs will look amazing!

Shoulder Length Long Bob with Bangs for Thin Hair

shoulder length long bob with bangs for thin hair

Do you happen to have thin hair that you don’t know how to style? Our hair experts have some of the best suggestions for you! According to some hairstylist the best way to make your hair appear thicker is to give it some movement and volume at the top. This can be achieved it bangs that are long and blended perfectly into the hair. Because of the hairdo, the hair ends will look thicker as well. However, keep in mind that you should always consider your face shape before taking the plunge and cutting bangs. My advice is to either try an app that will show you how you are going to look like with the hairstyle, or consult your hairdresser!

Long Bob with Bangs: Side-swept fringe

long bob with bangs side swept ideas for haircuts

How to make your hairdo more elegant? Long side bangs are the perfect touch for your long bob. They look stunning on both straight and curly hair, and give you that effortlessly beautiful style. The best part is that those types of bangs don’t require a lot of styling and they are easily blended into the haircut.

What Bangs Go with Shoulder-Length Hair?

Shoulder-length hair goes hand in hand with long bangs that are face-framing. Of course, you should also take into consideration your face shape and hair texture. However, these haircuts are easily adapted by almost anyone. For shoulder-length hair you should try wearing curtain bangs, side-swept bangs or longs wispy bangs.

what bangs go with shoulder length hair brachel haircut wispy fringe

Shoulder Length Hair with Side Bangs: A-line Stacked Bob Haircut

long bob shoulder length hair with bangs a line asymmetrical

Do you think that your shoulder-length hair needs some change? But are you ready for it? If not, you can still keep the length in front, but cut your hair shorter in the back. I introduce you: the A-line Stacked long bob haircut with bangs! Long bangs go perfectly with it and the asymmetrical hairdo adds volume to the hair naturally. The hairstyle suits both young and mature women!

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Lob Haircut with Bangs Over 50

lob haircut with bangs over 50 hair trends 2023

The iconic curtain bangs, which revitalize and give a Brigitte Bardot look to the haircut for ladies over 50, are a must-have. If you want to keep up with the trends, make sure that you style your mid-length hair properly. You can make some light waves that will add dimension and movement.

Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs Long Face

shoulder length hair with bangs long face

If your face shape is considered oblong, then you definitely need that extra volume on the sides, to make it appear balanced. How to do that? Curtain bangs will do the job! For the girlies with long faces, you have to know one thing – your face shape allows you to rock any hair length that you like! The best one for this season, however, is the mid or shoulder-length!

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