Silicone Halloween masks – realistic masks for an impressive look


Silicone Halloween masks are just one of the many options to choose from as the market is flooded with thousands of costumes and makeup for the holiday and the party. Each option has its pros and cons and high-quality silicone masks have their advantages over latex or foam latex masks. Many people wonder which one is better when it comes to choosing, so we shall make quick comparison – silicon vs. latex realistic Halloween masks.


Silicone Halloween masks – how are they made?


Silicone Halloween masks are made of flexible silicone rubber. They fit to the face very tight and do not block facial movements and head movements. A mask like this allows natural breathing, hearing, and full vision. The mouth actually moves when you talk which makes silicone masks the top choice for realistic Halloween masks. You can choose from numerous mask designs – from cute fun masks to horrifying, really scary designs which will freeze the blood of everyone. Most companies offer half or full masks, sleeves, faceplates, body suits, armory and you can transform into a monstrous creature in a matter of minutes. Realistic masks come in a plethora of designs- an old man, black man, monkey, monster, werewolf, zombie, vampire, etc, they are visually similar with body and skin of a person or monster and the feel to touch is also authentic with great details and highest level of realism.


What are the drawbacks of silicone masks?


Despite the fact that silicone Halloween masks offer many advantages in terms of appearance they have some drawbacks that you should keep in mind. Silicone Halloween masks are expensive, more expensive than latex Halloween masks and the price can reach up to 2500 dollars. Those masks do not breathe and are quite hot to wear so there is a very good chance you will be uncomfortably sweating when wearing those. In addition, they are heavier than latex masks and if you plan an all-night party it will be tiring for you. Another disadvantage of a silicone mask is that eye cuts often are too small. This is done to avoid skin exposure but if you are hot and sweating you may feel a great discomfort.


You need to be very careful with a silicone mask as it requires more careful handling because it is prone to rips and scratches. Putting on and taking off a mask should be done with great care despite that almost all masks are reinforced around the eyes and mouth. Unfortunately reinforcements are not able to prevent tearing. Silicone masks often have paler colors, due to the manufacturing process where paint is mixed with silicone and the final colors may not be as rich as you’d expect. However, if you wanted a unique mask for a true shocking transformation – this is the best choice for your Halloween costume!



















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