Space saving furniture with dual function – Usit by Maarten Olden

by Kremy

space saving furniture Usit by Maarten Olden

Usit, also known as a Stepladder chair is designed by the Dutch designer Maarten Olden. It is not only elegant and modern but a very functional and space saving furniture piece which combines two functions. An exceptional design which will easily fit in any interior.

 Space saving furniture combines safety with comfort

 Usit by Maarten Olden stepladder and chair combination


The inspiration behind the design of this space saving furniture piece was the nostalgic memory for the designer’s grandmother’s kitchen and a steel stool with a wooden seat and retractable steps which he used as a child. Inevitably the question of bringing back to life the ladder-chair and use it for daily routine activities came. Maarten Olden created Usit by giving a home ladder a second function, a modern appearance and simple but elegant vision.  The chair-stair combination is especially suitable for small or limited areas as it offers a comfortable seat and if necessary, immediately turns into a safe and stable ladder. The chair has comfortable armrests and backrest and the ladder features non-slip steps.

Space saving furniture which blends in every interior

 modern furniture Usit by Maarten Olden

This marvelous space saving furniture piece is available in a two-step version as a chair and in a three-step option for use as a high stool. Manufactured from laminated wood and anodized aluminum, Usit has three color combinations – Wood Nature, Wood Nature Black and Wood Solid White. The materials make it very light without losing the stability. The Stepladder chair will easily find its place in a shop, the kitchen, the living room, as a bar stool or office chair.

furniture ideas space saving Usit stepladder chair by Maarten Olden

 Usit easily fits in any interior

space saving Usit ladder chair modern


 Suitable for small surface areas

space saving foldable Usit by Maarten Olden

 Elegant and space saving design

creative ideas Usit minimalist

 Usit combines safety with comfort

ideas usit stepladder chair color options

Manufactured from laminated wood and anodized aluminum

Usit ladder chair laminated wood anodized aluminum

 Light weight and strong stability

ladder chair two steps versatile functional idea


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