25 creative ideas for fabulous homemade headboards

by Kremy

Photo wall homemade headboards bedroom design ideas

Refresh your bedroom with a new headboard – by these creative ideas, you can make an exciting decoration with available materials. The idea is in fact to have a reasonable, but also interesting and unique homemade headboards. These fresh and creative ideas will show how you can refresh any room with little imagination.

DIY bedroom decoration homemade headboards ideas


This idea is very simple – why not cut out metal sheets and design them as a bed headboard? Or buy enough pillows in two colors – light beige and dark brown – and use it as a bed headboard. Other creative ideas ideas for homemade headboards would be to design a headboard from books, or a sign with funny writings. Glue porcelain plates on the wall, so that an interesting and original design is created. If you like rustic style you can opt for wooden boards or a piece of wood as a headboard. Make an oversized headboard and cover it with interesting upholstery. The possibilities are endless and there is nothing on your way to create your own design!

creative flowers bedroom decoration idea

If you want to save yourself the trouble, here is another idea for DIY headboards. Instead of a bed headboard, use a bold color and draw the contours of the head portion with white, otherwise you can also use dark colors. It is important that there is a contrast. Easy does it with the wall stickers – choose one with an unusual motif. Closely related to this is the next idea – blackboard as a headboard. You can write on inspiring quotes, or just make funny drawings. Even a declaration of love for the partner will be a unique idea. Blinds hung above the bed, is also a fresh idea for the headboard. If you have shelves, you can decorate them with small pots with green plants and small vases. An aquarium beside the bed provides relaxation and has a calming effect.


Streets table as headboard creative bedroom furnishing idea

DIY homemade headboards interesting design painted wood

DIY creative homemade headboards books craft ideas

original Bed headboard creative idea

mirror headboard DIY homemade furniture ideas

blackboard bedroom design ideas

blackboard headboard Girl's bedroom ideas

rustic style

interesting hard wood headboard

rustic bedroom original

Natural brick wall upholstered headboard

Linen upholstered idea

upholstered headboard bedroom interior design ideas

Dish headboard fresh bedroom design idea

idea white yellow stripes

Metal ideas

Wooden bedroom furniture

Wooden blinds headboard bed

old window as a headboard bedroom design ideas

elegant headboard modern idea

DIY simple easy idea cushions

Aquarium headboard cool furnishing idea



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